Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indoor Track Schedule

Practice begins Monday, Jan. 3rd.
All athletes can participate in the first 3 meets.
Athletes must hit a qualifying mark and be invited to compete at the Simplot Games.


Jan 7/8 USU Track Camps

Jan 14/15 BYU Indoor Inv

Jan 15 USU Indoor Inv

Jan 21/22 WSU Developmental Meet

Jan 29 Utah Distance Challenge @ Olympic Oval

Feb 4/5 UHSTCA Indoor @ Olympic Oval

Feb 17-19 Simplot Games @ ISU

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great Southwest Classic results

We just returned this evening from Albuquerque, where our Cavemen performed admirably under record breaking heat.

On Friday evening, Robby Lee broke our school record in the 2000m Steeplechase, placing third in 6:19.15.
Mack Morrison also got on the podium, placing 6th in 6:25.42 (also breaking the school record).

Saturday got up to 101 degrees, and the Cavemen came ready to race:
Danny Keller and Nafe Richardson helped Utah place 4th in the 4X800 relay in 7:55.09.
Robby then placed 9th in the 1500m Run in 4:14.49.
Danny placed 11th (1:59.50) and Nafe 15th (2:00.16) in the 800m Run.
Austin West took 2nd place (9:27.98), Clayton Young 7th place (9:44.08), and Mack  8th place(9:50.12) in the 3200m Run.

The 35th Annual Great Southwest Classic features all-star teams from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, and Utah.

(Click on header for complete meet results)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Southwest Classic

This weekend is the Great Southwest Classic in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The Cavemen have 6 athletes competing for the Utah All-Stars:
Daniel Keller
Robby Lee
Mackenzie Morrison
Ashenafe Richardson
Austin West
Clayton Young
Click on the title to go to the meet web site.
A live video Stream of the meet will be shown at:
Sports Authority TV

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Utah State Track Championships

The boys team placed 5th overall with 51 points and the girls team 8th overall with 30 1/3 points.
Austin West won an individual state crown in the 3200m Run while breaking his own school record with a time of 9:11.47. Clayton Young was right behind him in 2nd with a 9:13..02 (2nd all-time at AFHS). Danielle West was State Runner-up in both the 1600m. Run (5:11.03) and set a new school record in the 800m Run in 2:15.15.
 Austin West  - State Champion
Other scoring performances by the Cavemen:
2nd-Austin West in the 1600m Run, 4:21.95
3rd-Clayton Young in the 1600m Run, 4:22.43
4th-Alexis Laws in the 3200m Run, 11:27.03 (6th  all-time)
4th-Mack Morrison in the 3200m Run, 9:29.15 (4th all-time)
5th-Morgan Warner in the 400m Dash, 58.39 (3rd all-time)
5th-Girls 4X400 (Danielle, Makayla, Kaijsa, Morgan), 4:02.22 (6th all-time)
5th-Boys 4X400 (Danny, Robby, Clayton, Nafe), 3:24.49 (4th all-time)
5th-Clayton Young in the 800m Run, 1:55.87 (3rd all-time)
6th-Nafe Richardson in the 800m Run, 1:56.32 (4th all-time)
7th-Robby Lee in the 3200m Run, 9:40.13
8th-Morgan Warner in the 200m Dash, 26.41 (8th all-time)
8th-Danny Keller in the 800m Run, 1:58.51 (8th all-time)
T8th-Taylir Garrison in the High Jump, 5'00"
Danielle West - State Runner-up
Other Caveman Competitors:
9th-Josh Nay in the High Jump, 6'2"
9th-Alexis Laws in the 1600m Run, 5:25.49
9th-Cole Odle in the 200m Dash, 23.27
10th-Daniel Keller in the 400m Dash, 51.16
11th-Girls Medley Relay, 4:31.59
12th-Robby Lee in the 1600m Run, 4:29.65
12th-Mark Huff in the 110m Hurdles, 16.45
12th-Cole Odle in the 400m Dash, 51.58
13th-Jeff Nelson in the 3200m Run, 9:53.16
14th-Abby Morrison in the 300m Hurdles, 49.88
14th-Mark Huff in the 300m Hurdles, 42.91
14th-Brendan Flanary in the Long Jump, 19'2"
T16th-Daniel Keller in the High Jump, 5'10"
17th-Melissa Riberts in the Discus, 67'7"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2 Region IV Championships

The girls' team ended up in 2nd place, the boys' team in 4th.
Region Champions:
Danielle West in the 1600m Run in 5:13.02
Morgan Warner 1st in the 400m Run in 59.18
Girls Medley Relay Team of Kiersten Shelley,Abby Morrison, Erminia Martinez, and Alexis Laws in 4:31.70
Boys Medley Relay team of Mark Huff, Nafe Richardson, Danny Keller, and Clayton Young in 3:38.52

State Qualifiers:
Mark Huff, 3rd in 110m Hurdles in 16.23
Alexis Laws, 2nd in 1600m Run in 5:17.51
Kaijsa Angerhofer, 4th in 400m Run in 1:01.88
Daniel Keller, 3rd in 400m Run in 50.92
Cole Odle, 4th in 400m Run in 51.04
Mark Huff, 4th in 300m Hurdles in 42.67
Danielle West, 2nd in 800m Run in 2:25.95
Robby Lee, 2nd in 800m Run in 2:00.61
Nafe Richardson, 3rd in 800m Run in 2:00.63
Morgan Warner, 2nd in 200m Dash in 25.91w
Cole Odle, 4th in 200m Dash in 22.79w
Jeff Nelson, 3rd in 3200m Run in 9:56.08
Girls 4X400, West,Angerhofer,Bernardo, Warner, 2nd in 4:08.56
Boys 4X400, Richardson, Lee,Young, Keller, 2nd in 3:30.57

Placers for Points:
Cole Odle, 7th in 100m Dash in 11.40w
Jamie Lee, 6th in 1600m Run in 5:40.10
Boys 4X100m Relay, Sean Hatton, Brendan Flanary, Landon Cooley, Koster Kennard, 5th in 48.45
Abby Morrison, 5th in 300m Hurdles in 50.34
Courtney Hull, 7th in 300m Hurdles in 51.27
Megan Line, 8th in 800m Run in 2:42.52
Austin West, 5th in 800m Run in 2:01.85
Justin Holland, 5th in Shot Put in 37'11"
Lesmarie Purcell, 5th in Shot Put in 26'4.5"

State is May 14,15 at BYU

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Day of Region

The highlight of the first day was Taylir Garrison winning the High Jump at 5'4".
Other State Qualifiers:
Alexis Laws (2nd in 11:52.86) and Jamie Lee (4th in 12:01.76) in the 3200m Run.
Brendan Flanary (2nd   with 21'2.75") in the Long Jump
Melissa Roberts (4th with 81'7.5") in the Discus
Abby Morrison (45.95 prelims) in the 300m Hurdles

Other Point Scorers:
Krysta Moss (5th with 92'3") in the Javelin
Jasmyn Hildebrandt (5th in 12:30.39) in the3200m Run.
Mack Morrison (5th in 4:36.25), Nafe Richardson (6th in 4:37.06) and Jeff Nelson (7th in 4:41.01) in the 1600m Run.

Region Finals Qualifiers:
100m Hurdles - Jessica Shumway
110m Hurdles - Mark Huff
100m Dash - Cole Odle
400m Dash - Morgan Warner
400m Dash - Kaijsa Angerhofer
400m Dash - Makayla Bernardo
400m Dash - Daniel Keller
400m Dash - Cole Odle
300m Hurdles - Abby Morrison
300m Hurdles - Courtney Hull
300m Hurdles - Mark Huff
200m Dash - Morgan Warner
200m Dash - Cole Odle

Monday, May 3, 2010

Region IV Track Championships

The Region IV Championships will be held this Wednesday and Thursday at Alta High School
1000 East, 11055 South. The meet starts each day at 2:00 PM.
Driving directions: you can either take 127th S. exit East to 11th and turn North, or take 106th S. exit East to 11th and turn South.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

BYU Invite day 2

At the 100th BYU Invitational, the boys team placed 2nd with 45 points. The girls placed 8th with 27 points.

Austin West set his second school record by winning the 1600m Run in 4:19.41.
Robbie Lee placed 7th and qualified for state in a PR 4:24.86 (8th all-time at AFHS)

Clayton Young placed 3rd and qualified for state in the 800m Run .in 1:57.46 (4th all-time), while Daniel Keller also qualified for state with his 4th place finish in 1:58.85 (7th all-time)
Nafe Richardson place 5th in 1:58.85.(9th all-time)
Danielle West placed 3rd in the 1600m Run in a state qualifying PR 5:10.53 (2nd all-time) and also placed 4th in the 800m Run in 2:21.43.
Morgan Warner placed 3rd in the 400m Dash in 58.43.(4th all-time)
The girls 4X400m Relay placed 3rd in 4:04.91

Other Caveman performances:
Girls Medley Relay - 19th in 4:43.33
1600m Run - Jamie Lee, 29th in PR 5:33.94
1600m Run - Mack Morrison, 26th in PR 4:34.76
Jeff Nelson - 40th in 4:39.01
Kevin Judd - 66th in 4:45.87
High Jump - Josh Nay, 21st in 5'10 and Daniel Keller, 26th in 5'8"
Austin and Robby in the 1600m Run
Danielle in the 1600m Run
Danielle in the 800m Run
Clayton, Danny, and Nafe in the 800m Run
Morgan in the 400m Run
The Girls 4X400m Relay

Friday, April 30, 2010

BYU Invitational first day action

Today was the first day of the 100th BYU Invitational in Provo.
Taylir Garrison tied for fourth in the High Jump at 5'2".
Austin West won the 3200m run with a school record 9:15.75 breaking Chris Merkley's 9:20 record from 1992. Clayton Young placed 2nd , also breaking the record with a 9:18.39.
Mack Morrison qualified for State with an 11th place finish in 9:40.79.

Morgan Warner qualified for the finals in the 400m Dash with a PR 58.95.(6th all-time at AFHS)
Other Performances:
3200m Run:Jeff Nelson was 16th with a PR 9:49.71. Robby Lee was 17th in 9:51.85.
3200m Run:Alexis Laws, 23rd in 12:02.10
110m H: Mark Huff, 45th in 17.62
400m Dash: Cole Odle, 24th in 52.97
300m H: Mark Huff, 31st in 43.59
200m Dash: Cole Odle, 23rd in 23.12, Mark Huff, 98th in 24.79
Long Jump: Brendan Flanary, 41st in 19'3", Josh Nay, 66th in 18'3.5"
100m Dash: Keilara McCormick, 68th in 13.60, Kirsten Shelley, 116th in 14.06
400m Dash: Makayla Bernardo, 25th in 1:02.74, Kaijsa Angerhofer, 27th in 1:02.87
Austin and Clayton on the winner's peristyle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Timp Relays

Last night at the Timp Relays, Robby, Danny, Clayton, and Nafe set the school record in the 4X800 relay in 7:59.77.
The girls 4X400 relay team of Danielle, Makayla, Kaijsa, and Morgan qualified for State.
I'll post full results when we receive them from Timpview.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Utah County Invitational

Yesterday and today was the Utah County Invite held at Maple Mountain High School.
The boys took 2nd place overall, only 4.5 points behind champion Orem High.
The girls placed 3rd place overall just 9 points behind champion Springville.
Click on the post title to see complete results.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tri-Meet Results

Wednesday we had a tri-meet with Alta and Hillcrest at Alta High School.
Click on the Title to see complete results at http://www.runnercard.com/.
Team Scores are incorrect on runnercard. A tri-meet is scored 5,3,2,1 with relays 5,3
Girls: American Fork-71, Alta-54, Hillcrest-29
Boys: Alta-72, American Fork-57, Hillcrest-44

Monday, April 5, 2010

Timpanogos Alpha Invite

Last Saturday, the Cavemen journeyed to Timpanogos High School in Orem for the Alpha Invitational.
The Girls Team placed 14th with 11 points. The Boys Team took 4th place with 58 points (4 out of 2nd place).
Congratulations to Robby Lee for qualifying for the State Meet in the 3200m run.
Click on the post title for complete results.
100m Hurdles: 34th-Abby Morrison, 22.29
100m Dash: 34th-Kiersten Shelley, 13.84,
                    47th-Keilara McCormick, 14.26
1600m Run: 6th-Danielle West, 5:32.63
                    11th-Morgan Warner, 5:43.44
                    17-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 5:50.26
                    39-Lakyn Lux, 6:09.40
200m Dash: 32nd-Abby Morrison, 28.55
3200m Run: 7th-Jamie Lee, 12:34.97
400m Dash: 9th-Makayla Bernardo, 1:03.21
High Jump: 3rd-Taylir Garrison, 5'2"
100m Dash: 13th-Trinity Devereaux,11.61
                    15th-Cole Odle, 11.67
                    46-Brendan Flanary, 12.47
                    47-Koster Kennard, 12.49
110m Hurdles: 15th-Mark Huff, 17.35
1600m Run: 2nd-Clayton Young, 4:28.55
                    6th-Austin West, 4:32.16
                    25th-Daniel Keller, 4:48.69
                    31st-Kevin Judd, 4:50.78
                    40th-Robert McMillan, 4:57.87
200m Dash: 13th-Cole Odle, 23.57
                   14th-Trinity Devereaux, 23.69
                   23rd-Mark Huff, 24.48
                   44th-Brendan Flanary, 25.72
                   52nd-Koster Kennard, 26.56
300m Hurdles: 5th-Mark Huff, 42.86
3200m Run: 2nd-Robby Lee, 9:41.64
                    4th-Mack Morrison, 9:50.31
                    6th-Jeff Nelson, 9:52.58
                   24th-Dallas Griswold, 11:13.36
400m Dash: 13th-Cole Odle, 54.44
800m Run: 1st-Nafe Richardson, 2:00.32
                  2nd-Clayton Young, 2:00.48
                  3rd-Daniel Keller, 2:01.15
                  6th-Austin West, 2:02.52
                  18th-Kevin Judd, 2:10.70
Long Jump: 13th-Brendan Flanary, 18'10.25"

Sprinters and Hurdlers are meeting at 10:00 AM daily over spring break.
Distance Boys are meeting at 1:00 PM daily over spring break.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday (Mar.19th), the Cavemen traveled to Timpanogos High School for the UHSTCA Track and Field Invitational. The girls' squad placed 7th overall with 26 points, while the boys' squad placed 4th overall with 45 points. There were over 1200 athletes and 40 teams at the meet. Click on the post title to see complete results at:  http://www.runnercard.com/

Caveman Results:
3200m Run: 
4-Alexis Laws, 11:44.46 (8th all-time at AFHS)          
9-Morgan Warner, 11:59.64                                       
11th-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 12:35.11                             
13-Jamie Lee, 12:39.87                                              
1600m Run:                                                              
2-Danielle West, 5:17.26                                            
27-Erminia Martinez, 5:55.07                                      
40-Alex Hildebrandt, 6:04.07                                     
800m Run:                                                                
4-Danielle West, 2:22.99                                            
12-Erminia Martinez, 2:32.85                                      
100m Dash:                                                               
53-Keilara McCormick, 13.93                                   
79-Kiersten Shelley, 14.39                                         
91-Abby Morrison, 14.71                                          
400m Dash:                                                               
14-Makayla Bernardo, 1:03.65                                  
100m Hurdles:                                                          
45-Jessica Shumway, 19.28                                       
47-Abby Morrison, 19.41                                          
High Jump:                                                               
2-Taylir Garrison, 5'4"                                                
32-Krysta Moss, 78'1"                                              
20-Va Iongi, 71'05"                                                    
3200m Run:

1-Austin West, 9:29.32(2nd All-Time AFHS)
2-Clayton Young, 9:29.34 (3rd all-time at AFHS)                                                                                  
1600m Run:

3-Robby Lee, 4:31.51
11-Jeff Nelson, 4:39.45
28-Kevin Judd, 4:46.91
800m Run:
3-Robby Lee, 2:00.42
5-Nafe Richardson, 2:01.19
6-Daniel Keller, 2:01.29
100m Dash:
41-Trinity Devereaux, 11.97
400m Dash:
27-Mark Huff,53.93
110m Hurdles:
22-Mark Huff, 17.74
300m Hurdles:
3-Mike Squires, 46.48
200m Dash:
14-Trinity Devereaux, 23.74
78-Brendan Flanary, 25.68
4X400 Relay:
2-Mark, Nafe, Robby, Daniel, 3:30.16(7th all-time at AFHS)
High Jump:
17-Daniel Keller, 5'6"
30-Justin Holland, 122'9"
 Long Jump:
 13-Brendan Flanary, 18'10.25"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jordan @American Fork Dual Meet

Last Wednesday the Cavemen hosted the Jordan Beetdiggers for the first dual meet of the outdoor season.
Team scores were:
AF Girls - 112  Jordan Girls - 18

AF Boys - 86  Jordan Boys - 46

We'll try to get full results posted on our track webpage as soon as we can.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Track Schedule

Here's our tentative meet schedule for this season:
Wed. Mar 10th             Red & White Meet             AFHS
Wed. Mar.17th             Jordan  Dual                       AFHS
Sat. Mar. 20th               UHSTCA Inv.                   Timpanogos*
Wed. Mar.31st              LP & PG Tri-Meet            AFHS
Sat. Apr. 3rd                 Timpanogos Invite              Timpanogos*
Wed. Apr. 14th             HC, Alta Tri-Meet             Alta
Fri/Sat Apr.16,17th       Utah Co. Invite                  Maple Mountain*
Tues. Apr.20th              Timp. Relays                      Timpview*
Wed. Apr. 21st             Brighton                             Brighton
Sat. Apr. 24th               Central Utah Inv.                Orem*
Wed. Apr. 28th             Region JV Meet                  AFHS
Fri/Sat. Apr.30,1st        BYU Invite                         BYU*
Wed/Thur. May 5,6th    Region  IV Champs            Alta*
Fri/Sat. May 14,15th      State Championships          BYU     

*varsity only

Monday, February 22, 2010

Simplot Games

 Last Thursday through Friday, the Cavemen traveled to Pocatello, Idaho to compete in the 31st Annual Simplot Games. 11 of 14 Cavemen qualified from Thursday's and Friday's trials for the Finals on Saturday.
Top place was 2nd by both boys' and girls' 4X800m relay squads. The girls' relay team of Danielle West, Kaijsa Angerhofer, Alexis Laws, and Morgan Warner set a school record by 12 seconds in 9:52.18. The boys' team of Nafe Richardson, Clayton Young, Daniel Keller, and Robby Lee ran an 8:17.59.

Girls 4X800

Boys 4X800
Clayton Young placed 4th in the 3200m run in 9:35.48, followed by Mack Morrison, 10th in 9:50.13, and Austin West, 12th in 9:51.95.

Clayton on the award stand
In the 1600m run, Danielle West placed 18th with a 5:35.05 after running a 5:20.8 in prelims. She was followed by Alexis Laws, 19th in 5:35.53, and Morgan Warner, 21st in 5:36.60. On the boys side, Robby Lee placed 11th in 4:31.48 and Jeff Nelson 29th in 4:42.53.
Taylir Garrison placed 10th in the High Jump at 5'00".
In the 800m Run, Nafe Richardson placed 14th in 2:04.45, and Daniel Keller placed 18th in 2:06.18.
Other competitors for the Cavemen were Kaijsa Angerhofer, 32nd in the 400m dash in 62.87; Cole Odle, 47th in the 400m dash in 54.00, and Alex Hildebrandt, 61st in the 1600m run in 6:04.62.
Click on the heading for complete results.

Monday, February 8, 2010

UHSTCA INDOOR Championships

Last Saturday, the Cavemen ran at the Olympic Ice Oval in Kearns for the 2010 UHSTCA Indoor Championships.
Click on header for complete results.
The girls 4X800 relay of Danielle West, Kaijsa Angerhofer, Alexis Laws, and Morgan Warner took 1st place.
Taylir Garrison won the High Jump with 5'3".
Kaijsa placed 6th in the 400m dash in 1:02.19.
In the 1600m run, Morgan took 3rd in 5:17.18, and Danielle placed 7th in 5:22.73.
Other 1600m performances: Alexis - 5:28.54, Alex Hildebrandt -5:56.06, Erminia Martinez - 5:58.23, Kylie Buckwalter - 6:18.71, and Sara Simmons - 6:48.45.
Jasmyn Hildebrandt ran 13:03.55 in the 3200m run.
In the 790m run (800 converted times ), Erminia ran 2:33.38 (2:35.32), Alex ran 2:39.59 (2:41.61), and Kylie 2:48.16(2:50.29).

On the boys' side, Austin West placed 6th in the 3200m run in 9:56.63 with Mack Morrison 7th in 9:58.91 and Kevin Judd running 11:07.93.
Daniel Keller placed 6th in the high jump with 5'8", while Mack jumped 16'8" in the long jump.
Nafe Richardson placed 7th in the 790m run (800 conv.) in 2:00.01 (2:01.53) with Daniel Keller 8th in 2:00.48 (2:02.01), Kevin in 2:06.34 (2:07.94), Robert McMillan in 2:12.36 (2:14.04), and Emilio Martinez in 2:16.38 (2:18.11).
Cole Odle placed 9th in the 400m run in 52.16.
In the 1600m run, Robby Lee ran 4:37.54 , Mack ran 4:38.65, and Dallas Griswold ran 5:16.36.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weber State Invite

Last Saturday, the Cavemen went up to Ogden for the Weber State Unversity Indoor Developmental Meet.
Caveman Results: (Click on Title for full boys results.)

3200m run: 1.Clayton Young - 9:50.67, 6.Robby Lee  - 10:03.34, 8.Mack Morrison - 10:08.18, Dallas Griswold - 11:42.58
400m dash: 7.Ashenafe Richardson - 53.95
200m dash: 8.Ashenafe Richardson - 24.45

800m run: 7.Daniel Keller - 2:08.07, Mack Morrison - 2:14.45, Robert McMillan 2:21.25, Emilio Martinez - 2:22.20, Dallas Griswold - 2:45.28

16oom run: Kevin Judd - 5:00.75, Brian Vawdrey - 5:04.49
4X800m relay: 2.Clayton Young, Brian Vawdrey, Ashenafe Richardson, Robby Lee - 8:47.5

Monday, January 18, 2010

BYU Invite Results

Click on post title for full results.
The Cavemen went to BYU last Friday and Saturday.
Four of our athletes made the awards podium:

Taylir Garrison placed 2nd in the high jump - 5'5"

Robby Lee placed 2nd in the 1-mile run - 4:35.11

Danielle West placed 3rd in the 1-mile run - 5:29.28

Mack Morrison placed 5th in the 2-mile run - 10:17.30

Other Cavemen performances:
Girls 1 mile run:
9-Morgan Warner, 5:37.24
19-Kaijsa Angerhofer, 5:49.41
40-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 6:09.78
43-Erminia Martinez, 6:10.52
46-Alex Hildebrandt, 6:12.51
58-Kylie Buckwalter, 6:19.16
77-Lakyn Lux, 6:36.16
91-Ashlyn Hatch, 6:59.50
93-Sara Simmoons, 7:01.33
105-Shannon Rowley, 7:30.17

Boys 1-mile run
8-Clayton Young, 4:40.28
26-Jeff Nelson, 4:48.87
33-Mack Morrison, $:51.71
48-Brian Vawdrey, 5:02.78
93-Dallas Griswold, 5:28.53

Boys 800m run
12-Ashenafe Richardson, 2:07.67
52-Robert McMillan, 2:21.32

Boys 2 mile
17-Dallas Griswold, 11:35.16

Boys 400m dash
12-Cole Odle, 53.89

Boys 200m dash
18-Cole Odle, 24.49

Boys high jump
8-Landon Cooley, 5'7"

Boys long jump
32-Mack Morrison, 16'6.75"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Indoor Track Starts

Caveman Track Club has begun practice for the indoor season. More information and the season schedule is located on our webpage (click on post title ).
Our first meet will be the BYU Indoor Invitational next Friday (field events) and Saturday (running events) at the Smith Fieldhouse. It is $4 per event, which must be paid to Coach Mostert by Thursday so he can register online. Spectator admission is $2.

Indoor Track Club

Last Monday we started practicing for the indoor track season. Our schedule and club information is posted our our webpage: http://timo.mostert.googlepages.com/afhsindoortrack