Monday, February 8, 2010

UHSTCA INDOOR Championships

Last Saturday, the Cavemen ran at the Olympic Ice Oval in Kearns for the 2010 UHSTCA Indoor Championships.
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The girls 4X800 relay of Danielle West, Kaijsa Angerhofer, Alexis Laws, and Morgan Warner took 1st place.
Taylir Garrison won the High Jump with 5'3".
Kaijsa placed 6th in the 400m dash in 1:02.19.
In the 1600m run, Morgan took 3rd in 5:17.18, and Danielle placed 7th in 5:22.73.
Other 1600m performances: Alexis - 5:28.54, Alex Hildebrandt -5:56.06, Erminia Martinez - 5:58.23, Kylie Buckwalter - 6:18.71, and Sara Simmons - 6:48.45.
Jasmyn Hildebrandt ran 13:03.55 in the 3200m run.
In the 790m run (800 converted times ), Erminia ran 2:33.38 (2:35.32), Alex ran 2:39.59 (2:41.61), and Kylie 2:48.16(2:50.29).

On the boys' side, Austin West placed 6th in the 3200m run in 9:56.63 with Mack Morrison 7th in 9:58.91 and Kevin Judd running 11:07.93.
Daniel Keller placed 6th in the high jump with 5'8", while Mack jumped 16'8" in the long jump.
Nafe Richardson placed 7th in the 790m run (800 conv.) in 2:00.01 (2:01.53) with Daniel Keller 8th in 2:00.48 (2:02.01), Kevin in 2:06.34 (2:07.94), Robert McMillan in 2:12.36 (2:14.04), and Emilio Martinez in 2:16.38 (2:18.11).
Cole Odle placed 9th in the 400m run in 52.16.
In the 1600m run, Robby Lee ran 4:37.54 , Mack ran 4:38.65, and Dallas Griswold ran 5:16.36.

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