Monday, June 4, 2012

Great Southwest Classic

Photos by Mr. Porcaro
Three Cavemen and a coach traveled last week to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Great Southwest Track and Field Classic. 12 States competed in the all-star high school event.
Mack Morrison won the 2000m Steeplechase and set a Utah State record in 6:14.06 (ranked 9th nationally this season).
He also placed 4th in the 3200m Run in 9:40.
Benson Gunther placed 6th in the steeplechase in 6:33.70 (3rd all-time at AFHS).
Taylir Garrison placed 12th in the High Jump with a mark of 5'2.25".
Coach Timo Mostert was the state's distance coach and helped the distance kids prepare for their races in which they won 22 of the possible 36 medals including 5 gold, 5 silver, and 2 bronze.

Complete Results

Saturday, May 19, 2012


The boys team placed 11th and the girls team 17th at the 2012 Utah State Track and Field Championships held at Brigham Young University.

Scoring points for the Cavemen were:
2nd - Taylir Garrison in the High Jump with a 5'3
2nd - Mack Morrison in the 3200m Run with a 9:23.12 (4th all-time at AFHS)
4th - Jonah Trinnaman in the 100m Dash with a 11.07 (7th all-time at AFHS)
4th - Cole Odle in the 400m Dash with a 48.52 (New AFHS Record)
7th - Brayden McLelland in the 3200m Run in 9:29.72 (6th all-time at AFHS)
7th - Brayden McLelland in the 1600m Run in 4:25.94 PR
8th - Clayton Young in the 1600m Run in 4:26.33 SB

Also performing well for the Cavemen:
9th - Cole Odle in the 200m Dash with a 22.38 (7th all-time at AFHS)
9th - Tyson Green in the 3200m Run with a 9:32.63 (7th all-time at AFHS)
10th - Dredan Snowden in the 100m Dash with a 11.26
10th - Dredan Snowden in the 200m Dash with a 22.40 (8th all-time at AFHS)
11th - Tyson Green in the 1600m Run with a 4:27.44 PR
11th - Amber Bardin in the 800m Run with a 2:23.02 (6th all-time at AFHS)
12th - Tanner Lee in the 11om Hurdles with a 16.79
12th - Tanner Lee in the 300m Hurdles with a 43.11
13th - Maddie Bench in the 1600m Run with a 5:24.13
13th - Clayton Young in the 3200m Run with a 9:40.47 SB
14th - Dallin Lyndsey in the 100m Dash with a  11.45
15th - Bllake Harmon in the 100m Dash with a 11.49
20th - Connor McMillan in the 3200m Run with a 9:53.90

The team banquet will be this Thursday night at AFHS at 6:00 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Utah State Track and Field Championships

This Friday and Saturday is State.
Link to the Meet Schedule (Times are Tentative)

Here is a list of the Cavemen who have qualified to compete:

Amber Bardin - 800m Run
Maddie Bench - 1600m Run, Medley Relay (Alternate)
Makayla Bernardo - Medley Relay
Molly Boughton - Medley Relay
Sarah Garcia - Medley Relay
Taylir Garrison - High Jump
Emily Orton - Medley Relay
Kelsie Roberts - Medley Relay (Alternate)

Tyson Green - 1600m Run, 3200m Run
Benson Gunther - Medley Relay (Alternate)
Blake Harmon - 100m Dash, 4X100m Relay (Alternate)
Hayden Johnson - 4X100m Relay (Alternate)
Tanner Lee - 110m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles
Erik Lund - Medley Relay
Dallin Lyndsey - 100m Dash, 4X100m Run
Brayden McLelland - 1600m Run, 3200m Run
Connor McMillan - 3200m Run
Mack Morrison - 800m Run, 3200m Run, Medley Relay
Cole Odle - 200m Dash, 400m Dash, 4X100 (Alternate)
Dredan Snowden - 100m Dash, 200m Dash, 4X100m Relay, Medley Relay
Jonah Trinnaman - 100m Dash, 4X100m Relay, Medley Relay
Clayton Young - 1600m Run, 3200m Run, Medley Relay (Alternate)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Region IV Championships

The Cavemen placed 2nd on the boys side with 126 points and 5th on the girls side with 43 points at the Region IV Track and Field Championships held this week at Lone Peak High School.

Qualifying for the State Championships for the Cavemen were:
1st - Clayton Young, 4:28.39 in the 1600m Run (SB)
1st - Clayton Young, 10:02.09 in the 3200m Run (SB)
2nd _Taylir Garrison, 5'1 in the High Jump
2nd - Tyson Green, 4:29.09 in the 1600m Run (PR)
2nd - Jonah Trinnaman,  11.65 in the 100m Dash (11.08 PR in the prelims)
2nd - Cole Odle, 49.93 in the 400m Dash (SB)
2nd - Dredan Snowden, 22.84 in the 200m Dash
2nd - Mack Morrison, 2:01.41 in the 800m Run
3rd - Dredan Snowden, 11.72 in the 100m Dash
3rd - Tanner Lee, 16.97 in the 110m Hurdles (16.14 PR in Prelims)
3rd - Tanner Lee, 42.74 in the 300m Hurdles
3rd - Brayden McLelland, 4:29.43 in the 1600m Run (PR)
3rd - Girls Medley Relay of Garcia, Boughton, Bernardo, Orton in 4:25.68 (SB)
4th - Amber Bardin, 2:27.34 in the 800m Run
4th - Boys 4X100m Relay of Snowden,Harmon, Trinnaman, Johnson in 44.58
Boys Medley Relay of Snowden, Trinnaman, Lund, Morrison in 3:43.47
5th - Cole Odle, 23.30 in the 200m Dash (22.45 PR in the prelims)
7th - Blake Harmon, 12.02 in the 100m Dash (11.22 PR in the prelims)

Scoring points for the Cavemen were:
5th - Makayla Bernardo, 1:00.43 in the 400m Run (1:00.10 PR in the prelims)
5th - Emily Orton, 2:31.31 in the 800m Run
5th - Tyson Green, 2:03.41 in the 800m Run
5th - Zac Jacklin, 10:08.47 in the 3200m Run
5th- Girls 4X100m Relay of Boughton,Bernardo,Garcia,Roberts in 52.75
5th - Girls 4X400m Relay of Bardin,Bench,Bernardo,Orton in 4:17.84(SB)
5th - Boys 4X400m Relay of Lund,Green,Gunther,Morrison in 3:36.99
5th - Zordan Enosa, 43'3 in the Shot Put
6th - Caleb Thompson, 10:09.10 in the 3200m Run
6th - Emily Orton, 5:24.46 in the 1600m Run
6th - Mack Morrison, 4:35.80 in the 1600m Run
6th - LesMarie Purcell, 78'10 in the Discus
7th - Malorie Saluone, 78'6 in the Discus
7th - David Bean, 44.48 in the 300m Hurdles (PR)
8th - Erik Lund, 44.68 in the 300m Hurdles (44.54 PR in Prelims)
8th - Benson Gunther, 4:38.43 in the 1600m Run (PR)
8th - Maddie Bench, 12:08.05 in the 3200m Run

Also Competing for the Cavemen were:
9th - Makayla Stepp, 12:22.71 in the 3200m Run (PR)
9th - Dallas Griswold, 10:34.52 in the 3200m Run
9th - Malorie Saluone, 27'7 in the Shot Put
9th - Zordan Enosa, 114'1.5 in the Discus (PR)
10th - Molly Boughton, 27.16 in the 200m Dash (PR)
10th - Cal Wardell, 55.59 in the 400m Dash
10th - Benson Gunther, 2:05.65 in the 800m Run
11th - Brayden McLelland, 2:05.95 in the 800m Run
11th - Diane Leach, 12:26.10 in the 3200m Run
11th - Tanner Lee, 9'8 in the Pole Vault (PR)
11th - Riley Smith, 38'11 in the Shot Put
11th - LesMarie Purcell, 26'4 in the Shot Put
12th - Kelsie Roberts, 53.30 in the 300m Hurdles
12th - Amber Bardin, 5:33.14 in the 1600m Run (PR)
12th - David Bean, 18.96 in the 110m Hurdles(PR)
13th - Diane Leach, 5:36.67 in the 1600m Run
13th - Riley Smith, 118'2 in the Javelin
15th - Makayla Stepp, 5:43.97 in the 1600m Run (PR)
15th - Kelsie Roberts, 19.93 in the 100m Hurdles
15th - Isaac Latu, 92'0.25 in the Discus
16th - Kyndal Hull, 20.20 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
16th - Spencer Dayley, 48.49 in the 300m Hurdles
16th - Lexie Green, 12:58.40 in the 3200m Run
17th - Zach Peay, 32'2 in the Shot Put
17th - Zach Peay, 106'4 in the Javelin
17th - LesMarie Purcel, 72'6 in the Javelin
18th - Collin Smith, 32'0 in the Shot Put (PR)
19th - Ross Lee, 58.26 in the 400m Dash (PR)
19th - Connor McMillan, 4:49.61 in the 1600m Run
20th - Courtney Olsen, 21.75 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
20th - Jace Jensen, 11:13.16 in the 3200m Run (PR)
22nd - Kyndal Hull, 1:01.90 in the 300m Hurdles
22nd - Cassie Escher, 21.77 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
22nd - Collin Smith, 74'1 in the Discus
22nd - Ariel Jolley, 58'8 in the Javelin
23rd - Malorie Saluone, 57'9 in the Javelin
23rd - Lexie Green, 2:46.69 in the 800m Run (PR)
25th - Hayden Johnson, 12.62 in the 100m Dash
27th - Heather Bergeson, 3:10.37 in the 300m Hurdles

Sunday, May 6, 2012

BYU Invite Results

On Friday and Saturday, the Cavemen had several athletes participate at the 103rd BYU Track and Field Invitational at Provo, Utah.
Taylir Garrison placed 2nd in the High Jump with a PR of 5'6 (3rd all-time at AFHS).
Dredan Snowden qualified for State and  placed 7th in the 100m Dash running 11:16 in the finals after a 11.14 PR in the prelims (t-10th all-time at AFHS).
Other State qualifying marks:
Jonah Trinnaman(14th) ran a 11.20 PR in the 100m Dash prelims.
Connor McMillan(13th) ran a 9:38.49 PR in the 3200m Run (9th all-time at AFHS).
Tyson Green(17th) ran a 9:40.78 PR in the 3200m Run (10th all-time at AFHS).
Brayden McLelland(12th) improved his state qualifyimg mark to 9:37.62 in the 3200m Run (7th all-time at AFHS).
The boys Medley Relay team of Dre Snowden, Jonah Trinnaman, Blake Harmon, and Tyson Green missed State qualifying by 4 tenths placing 7th with a 3:41.86.

Also competing for the Cavemen
10th-Sarah Garcia, Molly Boughton,Makayla Bernardo , Emily Orton. 4:28.49SB in the Medley Relay.
18th-Mack Morridson, 4:28.13 in the 1600m Run.
19th-Amber Bardin, 2:24.58 PR in the 800m Run (6th all-time at AFHS)
23rd-Tyson Green, 4:30.81 in the 1600m Run.
27th-Emily Orton, 11:45.11 PR in the 3200m Run (10th all-time at AFHS).
27th-Makayla Bernardo, 1:00.92 PR in the 400m Dash.
30th-Maddie Bench, 5:20.40 in the 1600m Run.
32nd-Maddie Bench, 12:01.48 in the 3200m Run.
38th-Brayden McLelland, 4:37.22 in the 1600m Run.
38th-Tanner Lee, 16.49 in the 110m Hurdles.
44th-Tanner Lee, 42.99 in the 300m Hurdles.
54th-Mack Morrison, 2:04.88 in the 800m Run.
55th-Emily Orton, 5:28.08 in the 1600m Run.
59th-Benson Gunther, 2:05.15 in the 800m Run.
60th-Makayla Bernardo, 27.74 SB in the 200m Dash.
63rd-Diane Leach, 5:31.39 PR in the 1600m Run.
71st-Caleb Thompson, 4:42.17 PR in the 1600m Run
75th-Erik Lund, 53.23 in the 400m Dash.
78th-Lexie Green, 5:36.83 PR in the 1600m Run.
85th-Connor McMillan, 4:44.55 in the 1600m Run.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiger Trials Invite Results

Yesterday, the boys placed 4th and the girls 13th at the Tiger Trials Invite held at Orem High School.
Scoring points for the Cavemen:
1st - Connor McMillan in the 3200m Run, 9:47.05
2nd - Dredan Snowden in the 200m Run, 22.61
3rd - Jonah Trinnaman in the 100m Dash in 11.24w
3rd - Maddie Bench in the 1600m Run in 5:28.51
3rd - Lexie Green in the 3200m Run in 12:07.36
4th - Dredan Snowden in the 100m Dash in 11.29w
4th - Mack Morrison in the 1600m Run in 4:30.90
4th - Tyson Green in the 3200m Run in 9:52.79
6th - Amber Bardin in the 800m Run in 2:25.40PR
6th - Brayden McLelland in the 1600m Run in 4:32.96
6th - Jonah Trinnaman in the 200m Dash in 23.29
7th - Emily Orton in the 1600m Run in 5:31.67
7th - Zac Jacklin in the 3200m Run in 10:05.00
8th - Caleb Thompson in the 3200m Run in 10:05.45

Also participating for the Cavemen:
9th - Amber Bardin in the 1600m Run in 5:33.85PR
9th - Makayla Stepp in the 3200m Run in 12:28.67PR
14th - Benson Gunther in the 1600m Run in 4:40.91
17th - Cole Odle in the 400m Dash in 53.88
25th - Kelsey Roberts in the 300m Hurdles in 55.24
27th - Kaden Springer in the 800m Run in the 2:11.23PR
43rd - Dallas Griswold in the 1600m Run in 4:59.81
69th - Jason Nelson in the 800m Run in 2:27.39PR
Full Results

Friday, April 27, 2012


The boys won their second straight Timpview Relays title, while the girls placed 4th.
Relay Results

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Complete Results
The boys team placed 6th overall out of 17 teams with 47 points. The girls placed 14th out of 16 teams.

Qualifying for State for the Cavemen were:
2nd, Dredan Snowden, 11.19 in the 100m Dash, PR
4th, Brayden McLelland, 9:39.82 in the 3200m Run, 8th all-time at AFHS
6th, Maddie Bench, 5:19.16 in the 1600m Run, 6th all-time at AFHS

Scoring points for the Cavemen:
1st, Dredan Snowden, 22.49 (22.41 prelims) in the 200m Dash, 7th all-time at AFHS
3rd, Cole Odle, 23.06 (22.97 prelims) in the 200m Dash
4th, Blake Harmon, 23.07 in the 200m Dash
4th, Mack Morrison, 4:27.00 in the 1600m Run
5th, LesMarie Purcell, 31'3 in the Shot Put, PR
5th, Tyson Green, 9:42.05 in the 3200m Run, 10th all-time at AFHS
6th, Jonah Trinnaman, 11.32 in the 100m Dash, PR
7th, Maddie Bench, 11:41.10 in the 3200m Run, 7th all-time at AFHS
8th, Emily Orton, 5:22.03 in the 1600m Run, 7th all-time at AFHS
8th, Connor McMillan, 9:44.41 in the 3200m Run, PR

Also competing for the Cavemen:
9th, Emily Orton, 11:52.75 in the 3200m Run, PR
9th, LesMarie Purcell, 79'1 in the Discus
9th, Tanner Lee, 43.71 in the 300m Hurdles
9th, Mack Morrison, 2:00.95 in the 800m Run, PR
10th, Lexie Green, 11:58.09 in the 3200m Run, PR
10th, Kelsey Roberts, 51.07 in the 300m Hurdles, PR
10th, Tanner Lee, 16.46 in the 110m Hurdles, PR
10th, Cole Odle, 11.43 in the 100m Dash, PR
11th, Tyson Green, 4:29.70 in the 1600m Run, PR
12th, Sailosi Latu, 39'1 in the Shot Put
12th, Mallory Saluone, 74'1 in the Discus
12th, Makayla Bernardo, 1:02.27 in the 400m Dash
12th, Erik Lund, 53.51 in the 400m Dash
14th, Diane Leach, 12:01.76 in the 3200m Run, PR
14th, Mallory Saluone, 28'9.5 in the Shot Put, PR
14th, Brayden McLelland, 4:31.13 in the 1600m Run
14th, Benson Gunther, 2:04.09 in the 800m Run, PR
15th, Sailosi Latu, 108'02 in the Discus
15th, Zac Jacklin, 9:55.83 in the 3200m Run, AFHS Frosh record
16th, Caleb Thompson, 9:57.18 in the 3200m Run, PR
16th, Amber Bardin, 2:29.84 in the 800m Run, PR
17th, Amber Bardin, 17th in the 1600m Run in 5:36.56, PR
18th, Erik Lund, 46.08 in the 300m Hurdles
19th, Connor McMillan, 4:37.05 in the 1600m Run, PR
20th, Mallory Saluone, 74'2 in the Javelin,PR
23rd, LesMarie Purcell, 70'11 in the Javelin
23rd, Diane Leach, 5:40.88 in the 1600m Run
23rd, Makayla Bernardo, 28.35 in the 200m Dash
24th, Lexie Green, 5:41.26 in the 1600m Run, PR
27th, Benson Gunther, 4:40.06 in the 1600m Run, PR
34th, Makayla Stepp, 2:40.34 in the 800m Run, PR
34th, Dallas Griswold, 2:11.48 in the 800m Run
35th, Cal Wardell, 55.67 in the 400m Dash
45th, David Bean, 56.18 in the 300m Hurdles
59th, Hayden Johnson, 12:57 in the 100m Dash

Thursday, April 19, 2012

AF vs. LP Dual Meet

The Cavemen went to Lone Peak yesterday for their last dual meet of the season.
Full results are located at AF vs. LP Results

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today was the UVU Invite, and the Cavemen came away with several wins and personal bests.
The boys placed 3rd overall, and the girls placed tied for 19th.
Scoring points for the Cavemen were:
1st-100m Dash-Dallin Lyndsey in 11.07
1st-2000m Steeplechase-Mack Morrison in 6:18.34 School Record
1st-400m Dash-Cole Odle in 50.24 State Qualifying
2nd-200m Dash-Dredan Snowden in 22.56 State Qualifying
3rd-2000m Steeplechase-Connor McMillan in 6:49.17
3rd-1600m Run-Brayden McLelland in 4:30.84
4th-High Jump-Taylir Garrison with a 5'3
4th-2000m Steeplechase-Benson Gunther in 6:53.26
6th-2000m Steeplechase-Kaden Springer in 7:10.22
6th-3200m Run-Zac Jacklin in 10:03.76
7th-3200m Run-Lexie Green in 12:02.13
8th-1600m Run-Maddie Bench in 5:31.65

Other performances by Cavemen were:
9th-1600m Run-Emily Orton in 5:32.95
9th-3200m Run-diane Leach in 12:05.61
11th-100m Dash-Jonah Trinnaman in 11.50
15th-400m Dash-Makayla Bernardo in 1:02.61
22nd-1600m Run-Amber Bardin in 5:39.99
31st-1600m Run-Dallas Griswold in 4:54.98
37th-1600m Run-Makayla Stepp in 5:56.18

Friday, April 6, 2012

Timpanogos Alpha Invite Results

The girls placed 6th and the boys placed 7th overall.

We had 3 Cavemen qualify  for the State Championships.
Taylir Garrison won the High Jump with a State qualifying mark of 5'4".
Mack Morrison placed 2nd in the 3200m Run with a State qualifying time of 9:39.26.
Dallin Lyndsey qualified for the finals in the 100m Dash with a State Q. time of 11.05

Scoring points for the Cavemen were:
Connor McMillan placed 7th in the 3200m Run in 10:03.54.
Maddie Bench placed 4th in the 1600m Run in 5:28.15 - 10th all-time at AFHS
Emily Orton placed 6th in the 1600m Run in 5:36.27
Diane Leach placed 7th in the 1600m Run in 5:37.14
LesMarie Purcell placed 6th in the Shot Put with a 28'1"
Tanner Lee placed 7th in the 110m Hurdles in 17.36 (16.60 in prelims)
Dallin Lyndsey won the 100m Dash in 11.38
Dredan Snowden placed 2nd in the 100m Dash in 11.51 (11.27 in prelims)
Morgan Warner won the 400m Dash in 1:00.92
Erik Lund placed 6th in the 400m Dash in 54.09 (53.83 in prelims)
Tanner Lee placed 4th in the 300m Hurdles in 42.61
Tyson Green placed 7th in the 1600m Run in 4:37.85
The Medley Relay team of Makayla Bernardo, Morgan Warner, Maddie Bench, and Emily Orton placed 2nd  in 4:33.12
The Medley Relay team of Lincoln Bangerter, Erik Lund, Cal Wardell, and Brayden McLelland placed 4th in 3:49.34
LesMarie Purcell placed 4th in the Discus with a 85'6.5
Malorie Saluone placed 6th in the Discus with a 80'0
Zordan Enosa placed 5th in the Shot Put with a 41'1.5
Riley Smith placed 8th in the Shot Put with a 39'00

Also competing for the Cavemen were:
Caleb Thompson, 17th in the 3200m Run in 10:20.44
Benson Gunther, 19th in the 3200m Run in 10:28.61
Amber Bardin, 12th in the 1600m Run in 5:44.73
Lexie Green, 13th in the 1600m Run in 5:45.33
Cal Wardell, 20th in the 400m Dash in 56.19
Lincoln Bangerter, 22nd in the 200m Dash in 24.44
Cal Wardell, 26th in the 200m Dash in 24.55
Zordan Enosa, 13th in the Discus with a 103'04"
Isaac Latu, 19th in the Discus with a 92'03"
Zach Peay, 24th in the Discus with a 85'01"
LesMarie Purcell, 23rd in the Javelin with a 63'3"
Mallory Saluone, 11th in the Shot Put with a 25'1.5"
Jason Nelson, 39th in the 1600m Run in 5:26.40
Makayla Stepp, 19th in the 800m Run in 2:43.20
Malorie Finch, 33rd in the 800m Run in 2:56.09
Dallas Griswold, 16th in the 800m Run 2:14.80
Riley Smith, 11th in the Javelin with a 117'0
Morgan Warner in the prelims of the 200m Dash (27.21)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today we had a great tri-meet against Riverton and Judge Memorial.
Full Results

Sunday, April 1, 2012

College Signings

Taylir Garrison has signed to high jump at UVU.
Mack Morrison has signed to run distance at SUU.
Clayton Young has signed to run distance at BYU.

Alumni News

At the SUU/NAU Dual Meet held yesterday in Cedar City:
1st-1 Mile Run, Danielle West, 5:06.65
2nd-800m Run, Danny Keller, 1:57.43
2nd-1 Mile Run, Austin West, 4:20.29

At the UVU Collegiate Invite held Friday in Orem:
3rd-5000m Run, Mike Felix(UVU), 15:40.71
9th-5000m Run, Derek Day(WSU), 16:25.73
21st-800m Run, Kylie Buckwalter(USU), 2:48.59

UHSTCA Invite Results

Yesterday, the Cavemen participated at Taylorsville High School at the UHSTCA Invite. It was warm, but very windy.
The Boys placed 15th and the girls 17th in the 36 team meet.
Scoring Points for the Cavemen:
4th -200m Dash was Dredan Snowden in 23.44
6th-1600m Run was Tyson Green in 4:34.08
6th-400m Dash was Morgan Warner in 63.37
7th-100m Dash was Dredan Snowden in 11.91
8th-3200m Run was Connor McMillan in 10:13.82
8th-4X100m Relay was Dredan,Blake Harmon, Jonah Trinnaman, and Hayden Johnson in 44.90

Other Caveman marks:
9th-Girls 3200m Run was Diane Leach in 12:58.56
10th-Girls 1600m Run was Maddie Bench in 5:28.44
14th-Girls 1600m Run was Emily Orton in 5:34.22
14th-Girls 400m Dash was Makayla Bernardo in 66.18
14th-Girls Shot Put was Brittany Webb with 29'5.75
19th-Girls 1600m Run was Diane Leach in 5:42.01
19th-Girls 800m Run was Amber Bardin in 2:38.25
21st-Girls Shot Put was Malorie Saluone with 28'3.5
24th-Girls 1600m Run was Lexie Green in 5:44.69
41st-Girls 800m Run was Makayla Stepp in 2:48.71
9th-Boys 3200m Run was Mack Morrison in 10:17.23
10th-Boys 3200m Run was Brayden McLelland in 10:19.11
11th-Boys 200m Dash was Blake Harmon in 23.90
12th-Boys 800m Run was Benson Gunther in 2:10.81
14th-Boys 300m Hurdles was Tanner Lee in 45.96
16th-Boys Shot Put was Riley Smith with 38'8.5
16th-Boys 3200m Run was Zac Jacklin in 10:37.84
17th-Boys 110m Hurdles was Tanner Lee in 18.61
23rd-Boys 100m Dash was Jonah Trinnaman in 12.26
25th-Boys 100m Dash was Blake Harmon in 12.28
29th-Boys 800m Run was Luke Gunther in 2:15.66
27th-Boys 400m Dash was Eric Lund in 55.38
34th-Boys 400m Dash was Cal Wardell in 56.11
34th-Boys 1600m Run was Caleb Thompson in 4:53.14
54th-Boys 1600m Run was Dallas Griswold in 5:01.40
Complete Results

Friday, March 30, 2012


Tomorrow the Cavemen will be participating in the Utah High School Coaches Association Outdoor Track and Field Invitational to be held at Taylorsville High School.
Directions to THS: Take I-15 North to the Murray 5400 South Interchange. Head West on 5400 South to Redwood Road. THS is to your right.
The bus will leave AFHS at 7:00 AM. The meet begins at 9:00 AM with the 1600m Run as the first event. Our school is in charge of officiating the Girls and Boys Javelin Competition. If you would like to help, let Coach Taylor know.
UHSTCA Event Schedule

Thursday, March 22, 2012


American Fork traveled to Pleasant Grove on Tuesday for the their first official competition of the season.
The girls won 79 to 41, and the boys won 93 to 39.
Complete Results

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Cavemen held their Red and White Meet to kick off the season.
We appreciate all the coaches, faculty and parents who helped out at the meet.
Full results

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outdoor Schedule

Caveman Track and Field
(Tentative Schedule)
Wed. 3/14 - Red & White Meet @AF
Tues. 3/20 - AF @ Pleasant Grove
Wed. 3/28 - Lehi & Bingham @ AF
Sat. 3/31 - UHSTCA Invite @ Taylorsville
Wed. 4/4 - Riverton @ AF
Th/Fri. 4/5-6 - Alpha Invite @ Timpanogos
Sat. 4/7 - UVU Invite @ UVU
Wed. 4/18 - AF @ Lone Peak
Fri/Sat. 4/20-21 - UCI @ Mountain View
Tues. 4/24 - Timpview Relays @ Timpview
Sat. 4/28 - Tiger Trials Invite @ Orem
Fri/Sat. 5/4-5 - BYU Invite @ BYU
Wed/Thurs. 5/9-10 - Region IV Championships @ Lehi
Thurs/Fri. 5/16-17 - State Championships @ BYU

Friday, February 24, 2012

Alumni Report

Summit League Conference Championships, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Complete Results
Running for SUU:
Friday Results-
Austin West placed 2nd in the 3000m Run in 8:21.37.
Danielle West placed 11th in the 300m Run in 10:16.57
Danny Keller placed 15th  in the 800m Run in 2:00.35.
Saturday Results-
Danielle West placed 6th in the 1 Mile Run in 5:01.87
Austin West placed 3rd in the 1 Mile Run in 4:13.60 and 2nd in the 5000m Run in 14:39.70
Danny Keller was on the winning 4X400m Relay in 3:23.19
The SUU men's team won their conference championships, while the women placed 3rd.

Great West Conference Championships, Sterling, Illinois
Complete Results
Running for UVU:
Saturday Results-
Mike Felix helped the Distance Medley Squad place 4th in 10:27.94
Sunday Results-
Mike Felix placed 8th in the 3000m Run in 8:45.44
The UVU men's and women's teams won their conference championships.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simplot Results

Full Results

On Friday, Taylir Garrison qualified for the Finals in the Girls High Jump, and Cole Odle qualified for the Finals in the 400m Dash.

On Saturday, Taylir placed tied for 6th with a jump of 5'4".
Mack Morrison placed 9th in the Boys 3200m Run in 9:47.57.
Brayden McLelland and Tyson Green placed 16th and 17th, respectively, in the Boys 1600m Run with times of 4:29.97 and 4:30.15.
Maddie Bench placed 16th in the Girls 1600m Run in 5:27.81 (10th All-Time at AFHS)
Cole Odle was leading in his finals heat of the 400m Dash when he collapsed with an injury.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alumni Report

Austin West and his sister Danielle are in the news again for SUU. Danielle placed 15th the 3000m at the Husky Classic in Seattle, Wa. in a time 9:51.36. She also raced the mile where she placed 28th in 4:55.54.
Austin ran the mile in a PR 4:05.51.
Danny Keller took 2nd in the 800m Run at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff with a time of 1:54.86.
At Boise State, Mike Felix placed 5th in the 3000m Run in 8:45.54 for UVU.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Alumni News

Cavemen Alumni are tearing it up in the Collegiate world.
In Albuquerque, Austin West won the Mile in 4:09.67, while his sister Danielle placed third in the Mile in 5:01.76 and 10th in the 600m Run in 1:38.05.
Austin was named Summit League Athlete of the Week for his performances. Article
Danny Keller placed 12th in the 800m Run in 1:55.26, and both Danny and Austin helped the T'birds place third in the Distance Medley Relay in 10:03.94.

UHSTCA indoor Championships Results

Complete Results
The Cavemen earned some nice lifetime and seasonal PR's at last weekend's Coaches Meet.
Girls 1600m Run:
11th - Maddie Bench, 5:30.19
44th - Lexie Green, 5:52.20
48th - Diane Leach, 5:53.32
54th - Amber Bardin, 5:57.07
103rd - Hailey Heath, 6:22.55
113th - Abby McBride, 6:32.32

Boys 1600m Run
25th - Mack Morrison, 4:40.32
70th - Connor Hoopes, 4:54.20
72nd - Kaden Springer, 4:55.45
79th - Zac Jacklin, 4:56.27
87th - Luke Gunther, 4:58.48
95th - Ty Young, 5:00.19
120th - Tyler Bell, 5:04.56
148th - Jace Jensen, 5:10.29

Girls 200m Dash
8th - Morgan Warner, 27.23

Girls 400m Dash
3rd - Morgan Warner, 59.95

Boys 400m Dash
62nd - Ross Lee, 1:00.21

Boys 60m Hurdles
Tanner Lee, 9.49

Girls High Jump
T-2nd - Taylir Garrison, 5'4"

Boys 4X800m Relay
5th - Green, Gunther,Hoopes,McLelland, 8:35.09

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alumni News

Danielle West (SUU) won the 1 mile Run Northern Arizona University today with a time of 5:11.11.

Austin West (SUU) won the first heat of the 3000m Run at the Husky Invitational at the University of Washington today with a time of 8:20. He also won the first heat of the 5000m Run in a time of 14:32.18
Video of Austin's 3k Race.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Utah Distance Challenge

Complete Results

Last night, the Cavemen ran at the Kearns Ice Oval at the Utah Distance Challenge sponsored by Davis High School. We earned a ton of Personal Records and Seasonal Bests!

Girls 1600m Run:
 8. 5:33.60 Maddie Bench
 24. 5:44.43 Jamie Lee
 43. 5:57.44 Lexie Green
 79. 6:33.24 Abby McBride

Boys 1600m Run:
9. 4:33.56 Brayden McLelland
13. 4:36.41 Tyson Green
36. 4:48.69 Benson Gunther
39. 4:49.84 Caleb Thompson
48. 4:53.21 Connor Hoopes
52. 4:54.40 Dallas Griswold
78. 5:02.27 Luke Gunther
91. 5:05.83 Tyler Bell
124. 5:18.96 Jace Jensen
127. 5:19.72 Kaden Groves
157. 5:31.40 Halofon Richardson

Girls 400m Dash:
2. 1:00.75 Morgan Warner

Boys 400m Dash:
42. 1:00.98 Ross Lee

 Boys 800m Run:
21. 2:12.73 Connor Hoopes

Boys 3200m Run:
9. 10:15.82 Zachary Jacklin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kearns Ice Oval Directions

Tonight's and next week's races are at the Olympic Ice Oval in Kearns.
1. Take I-15 Northbound to Bangerter Highway.
2. Take Bangerter Highway West/North to 6200 South
3. Turn Left (Westbound) on 6200 South to the light at 4800 West.
4. Turn right on 4800 West (Northbound) to the Ice Oval
5.Park in the South parking lot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weber State Indoor Meet

Running Results

Yesterday, several Cavemen traveled to Weber State University for WSU Indoor Meet.
In the 3200m Run:
1st) Brayden McLelland, 9:58.96
2nd) Tyson Green, 9:59.69
7th) Connor McMillan, 10:11.00
16th) Zac Jacklin, 10:32.95
18th) Dallas Griswold, 10:35.56
20th) Caleb Thompson, 10:40.29
24th) Tyler Bell, 10:43.14
32nd) Connor Hoopes, 10:55.00
34th) Benson Gunther, 10:59.59
35th) Luke Gunther, 11:03.05
41st) Jace Jensen, 11:13.61
51st) Kaden Groves, 11:34.10

In the 400m Dash:
63rd) Ross Lee, 65.53

Saturday, January 14, 2012

BYU Indoor Invite Results

Full Results
Photo Album

Girls High Jump
T-3rd - Taylir Garrison, 5'2.25"

Girls 200m Dash
4th - Morgan Warner, 27.34

Girls 400m Dash
5th - Morgan Warner, 62.88
7th - Makayla Bernardo, 63.05
30th - Chloe Crump, 72.50

Girls 1 Mile Run
22nd - Jamie Lee, 5:49.72
23rd - Maddie Bench, 5:49.85
39th - Diane Leach, 5:59.45
58th - Lexie Green, 6:12.59
75th - Abby McBride, 6:57.34

Boys 400m Dash
2nd - Cole Odle, 49.82

Boys 1600m Run
1st - Clayton Young, 4:23.74 (Won heat #9)
5th - Brayden McLelland, 4:36.87 (Won heat #8)
10th - Tyson Green, 4:39.32
29th - Connor McMillan, 4:51.93
41st - Benson Gunther, 4:57.68
43rd - Dallas Griswold, 4:59.13
47th - Caleb Thompson, 5:00.69
50th - Zac Jacklin, 5:02.28
59th - Kaden Springer, 5:04.32
64th - Luke Gunther, 5:05.90
75th - Spencer Herzog, 5:09.47
76th - Tyler Bell, 5:09.43
89th - Ty Young, 5:14.61
98th - Jace Jensen, 5:17.82 (Won heat #3)
112th - Kaden Groves, 5:23.76
145th - Connor Hoopes, 5:40.12

Next week we will be at the Weber State Invite in Ogden. We will need parents to drive athletes to this meet.

Alumni News

Several Caveman alumni participated at collegiate meets today.

At the Lumberjack Invitational at NAU in Flagstaff, Arizona:
800m Run: 4th - Danielle West, 2:21.79
400m Dash:16th - Danny Keller, 50.44
1 Mile Run: 2nd - Austin West, 4:19.21
3000m Run: 2nd - Austin West, 8:43.61

At the Snake River Invite at ISU in Pocatello, Idaho:
3000m Run: 5th - Mike Felix, 8:55.13

Friday, January 13, 2012

College Recruiting Seminar, Jan. 23rd

Dear Parents,
As a reminder,  I will be presenting the nationally acclaimed "College Recruiting Simplified", sponsored by the NFL Players Association and ESPNrise, official partners of NCSA to the American Fork High School athletes and their parents Monday night, January 23rd at 7:00pm. Cole Kelley has reserved the auditorium for this event. 
Some of you may know my story as I am local to Utah. I travel the country speaking at major Nike, Under Armour and ESPN events to share my personal story and expert advise on the college recruiting process. I also now speak at 70 high schools each year in Utah. The one hour event will be dedicated to educating your athletes, of all ability levels, and their parents on the simple to complex things they need to know and do to increase their opportunity to play sports in college and more importantly help fund their education. Admission is free and sponsored by the NFL-PA and ESPNrise. Each athlete will receive free online tools, search maps and one academic/athletic analysis with a National Scout.
I would appreciate it if each of you would inform and remind any student/athlete and their parents, who play sports at American Fork High School about this event. I have also attached a PDF flyer of the event and hope that each of you can email this to the parents and boosters.
I have found, in my experience, that the key to a well attended event is the coach. Please encourage your athletes to attend with their families. As you know, kids need to be reminded often. I focus mainly on academics, character, and dedication to one's sport and team (the 3 most important things a college coach looks for).
Here is a short video clip of last nights event at West High School.
Please mark this date on your calendar as we would like all coaches to attend with their athletes.
Please email me with any questions.

Paul Putnam
Senior National Education Speaker
NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network1415 N Dayton St 4th Floor | Chicago, IL 60642
Office: 801-866-9928| Fax: 312.624.7401 |

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Indoor Club Practice

The Caveman Track Club starts practice this Tuesday. Distance boys will meet at AFHS at 6:30. I'll post workouts at the track and field record board for the week.