Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Outdoor Track

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 24th) is the first day of Track Practice. It will be at 2:45 PM on the track. Athletes must have their tryout checklist completed on RegisterMyAthlete in order to practice. New athletes must also have their copy of their physical exam and parent permit form to hand in.
The $100 activity fee and uniform fee needs to be paid ASAP.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Simplot Games Results

The 38th annual Simplot Games featured approximately  2,000 athletes from all over the United States, Canada, and Australia. The Cavemen took up 32 athletes. Twelve qualified for the Finals held on Saturday, of whom four made the podium; breaking three school records. (Complete Results)

Sara Musselman broke the girls 1600m record with a time of 4:58.45 to place 2nd.
Casey Clinger broke the boys 3200m record (and the former Simplot Games record) with a time of 8:59.02  to place 2nd.
Patrick Parker broke the boys 1600m record (and the former Simplot Games record) with a time of 4:10.16 to place 2nd.
McKay Johns placed 4th in the boys 1600m run with a time of 4:13.81.

Other finalists for the Cavemen:
Boys 800m Run
17.Patrick Larkin, 2:00.34

Boys 200m Dash
11.Jordan Daw, 23.18

Girls 1600m Run
10.Sophie Baird, 5:12.54
18.Lexi Wright, 5:17.66
21.Katie Cornell, 5:18.64
25.Sammy Hollingsworth, 5:22.65
29.Katie Bradshaw, 5:27.17
31.Cami Squires, 5:27.89

Other results from the Cavemen:

Boys 800m Run 
79.Parker Barnes, 2:13.38

Boys 3200m Run
16.Joe Simmons, 9:41.08

Girls 1600m Run
42.Bonnie Schellenberg, 5:34.82
62.Dani Christlieb, 5:43.40
64.Lacie Evans, 5:43.91
70.Anna Gunther, 5:46.47
85.Kendra Heath, 5:52.43
99.Hannah McKendrick, 5:56.37
102.Madison Marrott, 5:58.06
107.Emma Russell, 5:59.60
111.Kaylie Green, 6:00.17
117.Katy Phillippi, 6:02.02

Boys 1600m Run
73.Tony Jeffs, 4:46.95
74.Carson Clinger, 4:46.97
87.Jason Manning, 4:48.63
102.Dalton Brems, 4:51.92
151.Talon Garrick, 5:02.29
160.Aaron Steed, 5:03.40
181.Alex Garces, 5:07.79
222.Cole Phillippi, 5:19.58

Link to Athlete Interviews

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Utah Distance Challenge Results

Last Night we had a great time preparing for next week's Simplot Games.

Utah Distance Challenge Results

Girls 1600m Run
1.Sara Musselman, 5:05.42
3.Sophie Baird, 5:08.12 (4th ALL-Time at AFHS)
5.Katie Cornell, 5:14.67
9.Sammy Hollingsworth, 5:19.60
Lexi Wright, 5:20.24
Cami Squires, 5:21.72
Katie Bradshaw, 5:24.72
Bonnie Schellenberg, 5:33.58
Lacie Evans, 5:40.65
Dani Christlieb, 5:40.73
Anna Gunther, 5:44.37
Hannah McKendrick, 5:53.28
Emma Russell, 5:54.18
Katy Phillippi, 5:54.33
Madison Marrott, 5:55.41
Kaylie Green, 6:01.48
Kendra Heath, 6:02.64
Stormy Watson, 6:20.44
Hannah Simmons, 6:27.13

Girls 800m Run
3.Sophie Baird, 2:20.96
5.Sara Musselman, 2:22.04
Cami Squires, 2:28.20
Katie Cornell, 2:29.07
Sammy Hollingsworth, 2:29.14
Dani Christlieb, 2:40.24
Anna Gunther, 2:42.50
Lacie Evans, 2:47.72
Hannah McKendrick, 2:48.83
Emma Russell, 2:54.79

Boys 1600m Run
2.Casey Clinger, 4:10.60
11.Joe Simmons, 4:28.11
Dalton Brems, 4:45.09
Aaron Steed, 5:03.00
Alex Garces, 5:03.99
Talon Garrick, 5:04.62
Casey Chamberlain, 5:14.49
Kyle Livingston, 5:17.11
Andrew Baird, 5:28.36
Caleb Westover, 5:42.82
Andrew Jolley, 5:43.12
Bryson Allred, 6:09.64

Boys 800m Run
1.Patrick Parker, 1:55.95 (5th All-Time at AFHS)
5.McKay Johns, 1:57.85
Patrick Larkin, 2:02.20
Parker Barnes, 2:08.21
Tony Jeffs, 2:09.76
Carson Clinger, 2:10.10
Jason Manning, 2:11.55

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Simplot Games

Next Weekend is the Simplot Games in Pocatello, Idaho.
Athletes who qualify must have their registration in by Friday, February 12th.
Athletes must go online to sign their waiver before Sunday, February 14th.
Waiver Link
Team Name is American Fork
Password is  caveman

Monday, February 8, 2016

Utah Distance Challenge

This Friday is the Utah Distance Challenge hosted by Davis High School to be held at the Kearns Olympic Ice Oval. The entry fee is $5, and the track opens at 4:00 PM. Athletes are responsible for securing their own way to the meet.

Meet Information:
Olympic Oval (5662 Cougar Lane, Kearns)

$5 per athlete—covers all events. Registration and seeding will take place at the Oval on the day of the meet. No pre-registration is required. There is no cost to coaches or spectators. Checks should be made out to 'Davis County Running Club'

1. We will run the fast heat first in each event. Races will not begin before the scheduled time, but may start late based on the number of participants.
2. 3/16 inch pyramid spikes. The same size spikes are required two weeks earlier at the UHSTCA Meet. Spikes may only be worn on the track surface. Please remove your spikes when leaving the track.
3. Athletes need to be at the starting line for check-in and heat assignments 15 minutes prior to their event. 
4. We have permission from the Olympic Oval to bring in our own food, but need to be sure to clean up after ourselves.
5. Runners from states other than Utah and 8th graders are invited to participate.
6. The top eight heats of the 400m Dash will be run in lanes with 4 runners per heat. The remaining heats will be waterfall starts with 6-8 runners per heat. 
Meet Schedule:
5:00 pm Girls 1600m
6:00 pm Boys 1600m
7:00 pm Girls 400m
7:20 pm Boys 400m
7:45 pm Girls 800m
8:00 pm Boys 800m
8:20 pm Girls 3200m
8:40 pm Boys 3200m