Saturday, March 28, 2015

UVU Invitational Results

The boys took second to Bingham with 26 scoring teams. The girls placed fifth out of 26 scoring teams.

State Qualifiers:
1.Sara Musselman, 1600m Run, 5:09.35 (3rd All-Time at AFHS)
4.Maddie Bench, 1600m Run, 5:14.26
5.Lexi Wright, 1600m Run, 5:14.36 (8th All-Time at AFHS)
6.Cami Squires, 1600m Run, 5:14.37 (9th All-Time at AFHS)
1.Casey Clinger, 1600m Run, 4:16.71, (4th All-Time at AFHS)
2.Zac Jacklin, 1600m Run, 4:23.23
2.Boys 4X100m Relay(Riggs,Daw,Allred,Miller), 43.88
1.Girls Medley Relay (Smith,Bench,Musselman,Baird), 4:16.67 (3rd All-Time at AFHS)
4.Cami Squires, 3200m Run, 11:26.62(9th All-Time at AFHS)
1.McKay Johns, 3200m Run, 9:22.52 (7th All-Time at AFHS)

Also scoring points for the Cavemen:
2.Daniel Bentley, 2000m Steeplechase, 6:40.01
5.Maddie Bench, 800m Run, 2:23.37
7.Nikki Smith, 800m Run, 2:24.02 (10th All-Time at AFHS)
1.Casey Clinger, 800m Run, 1:58.33 (10th All-Time at AFHS)
3.Zac Jacklin, 800m Run, 1:59.81
8.Jordan Daw, 200m Dash, 200m Dash, 23.08
5.Sammy Hollingsworth, 3200m Run, 11:30.15
6.Lexie Green, 3200m Run, 11:51.40
7.Hagen Harmer, 3200m Run, 10:02.60
7.Justin Harmon, Long Jump, 19-10.5
6.Jacob Anderson, Discus, 118-3
8.Kevin Riley, Discus, 117-3

Also participating for the Cavemen:
12.Katie Cornell, 1600m Run, 5:21.90
13.Sophie Baird, 1600m Run, 5:21.99
15.Sammy Hollingsworth, 1600m Run, 5:22.55
18.Lexie Green, 1600m Run, 5:24.57
20.Katie Bradshaw, 1600m Run, 5:29.03
21.Anna Gunther, 1600m Run, 5:32.28
22.Bonnie Schellenberg, 1600m Run, 5:34.46
24.Katy Phillippi, 1600m Run, 5:38.76
28.Kendra Heath, 1600m Run, 5:42.38
31.Emma Russell, 1600m Run, 5:44.51
46.Madison Marrott, 1600m Run, 5:55.59
47.Dani Christlieb, 1600m Run, 5:56.02
53.Malorie Finch, 1600m Run, 5:57.70
73.Tony Jeffs, 1600m Run, 5:00.12
26.Tasha Grossgebauer, 100m Hurdles, 18.25
41.Brittany Palmer, 100m Hurdles, 18.96
17.Jacob Anderson, 110m Hurdles, 18.52
42.Emma Lytle, 100m Dash, 13.98
9.Jay Riggs, 100m Dash, 11.51
19.McKay Miller, 100m Dash, 11.68
26.Jordan Daw, 100m Dash, 11.75
33.Justin Harmon, 100m Dash, 11.90
10.Parker Barnes, 2000m Steeplechase, 7:13.28
17.Zach Allred, 400m Dash, 52.74
29.Ransom Ragan, 400m Dash, 54.49
9.Brittany Palmer, 300m Hurdles, 48.90
23.Tasha Grossgebauer, 300m Hurdles, 51.04
16.Jacob Anderson, 300m Hurdles, 45.03
21.Branden Fullmer, 300m Hurdles, 46.39
40.Emma Lytle, 200m Dash, 28.58
13.McKay Miller, 200m Dash, 23.27
29.Jay Riggs, 200m Dash, 24.11
10.Patrick Larkin, 3200m Run, 10:06.34
11.Jason Manning, 3200m Run, 10:10.85
21.TJ Larsen, Long Jump, 18-6.5
19.Kevin Riley, Shot Put, 37-6.5
15.Sarah Webster, Shot Put, 29-7
11.TJ Larsen, Javelin, 135-5.25
15.Sarah Webster, Javelin, 64-1.25
16.Brittany Palmer, Javelin, 62-2.5

Complete Results

Friday, March 27, 2015

UVU Invitational

Tomorrow the Cavemen will be attending the UVU Invitational.The track is located on the Northwest corner of campus right next to 1500 West. The bus will leave at 6:45 AM. Athletes must ride to UVU on the bus, but can go home after their events and cooldown with their parents if a coach is notified.
results will be posted on .

Meet schedule:
Girls then boys

** All events will go fastest to slowest
8:00am 1600 Meter
4 attempts no finals for field events
8:00am Girls Shot
(Intramural Ring) Boys Discus
100 M Hurdles
110 M Hurdles
100 Meters
2K meter Steeple
4X100 Meter Relay
400 Meters
300 Meter Hurdles
800 Meters
Sprint Medley
200 Meters
3200 Meters
4X400 Meter Relay
Girls Javelin
Boys High Jump
10:30 Boys Shot
(Intramural Ring) Girls Discus
Boys Javelin
Girls High Jump
(Runway 1) Girls Long Jump
(Runway 2) Boys Long Jump
8:00 Girls Pole Vault
10:30 Boys Pole Vault

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lehi Riverton Tri-Meet

Yesterday the Cavemen traveled to Lehi for a tri-meet with Lehi and Riverton. It was blustery, but we managed to avoid the rain. The wind was quite strong from the North, so sprint and hurdle times were wind aided.

Full Results.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

UHSTCA Invitational

The Cavemen participated in their first varsity invitational of the year yesterday at Copper Hills High School at the UHSTCA Invitational. It was a nice warm day, but unfortunately quite windy. The 200m Dash was wind aided. The boys placed 4th out of 32 scoring teams with 52 points. The girls also placed 4th out of 32 scoring teams with 48 points.

State Qualifiers for the Cavemen:
1.Zac Jacklin, 3200m Run, 9:21.86
2.Casey Clinger, 3200m Run, 9:27.41
2.Cami Squires, 3200m Run, 11:27.38(10th All-Time at AFHS)
2.Justin Harmon, Long Jump, 20-10.5
3rd.Boys Medley Relay(Daw,Miller,Allred,Johns), 3:39.59

Also scoring points for the Cavemen:
1.Sara Musselman, 1600m Run, 5:15.72 (8th All-Time at AFHS)
4.Sophie Baird, 1600m Run, 5:20.51
5.Lexi Wright, 1600m Run, 5:21.33
6.Maddie Bench, 1600m Run, 5:23.45
1.McKay Johns, 1600m Run, 4:24.20
6.Jordan Daw, 200m Dash, 22.88w
4.Lexie Green, 3200m Run, 11:32.64
5.Sammy Hollingsworth, 3200m Run, 11:38.30
6.Anna Gunther, 3200m Run, 12:14.42
3.Nikki Smith, 400m Dash, 1:00.76
7.TJ Larsen, Javelin, 140-3.5
4.Boys 4X100m Relay(Daw,Allred,Miller,Riggs), 44.25

Also competing for the Cavemen:
31.Brittany Palmer, 100m Hurdles, 18.79
63.Whitney Smith, 100m Hurdles, 21.69
16.Jacob Anderson, 110m Hurdles, 18.29
32.Manuel Senge, 110m Hurdles, 19.62
37.TJ Larsen, 110m Hurdles, 20.28
48.Emma Hawkes, 100m Dash, 14.35
54.Emma Lytle, 100m Dash, 14.46
88.Whitney Smith, 100m Dash, 15.78
13.Jay Riggs, 100m Dash, 11.90
23.McKay Miller, 100m Dash, 12.02
36.Christian Snowden, 100m Dash, 12.22
48.Jordan Daw, 100m Dash, 12.37
9.Katie Cornell, 1600m Run, 5:27.65
19.Patrick Larkin, 1600m Run, 4:48.93
26.Jason Manning, 1600m Run, 4:52.69
30.Emma Lytle, 200m Dash,28.50w
32.Emma Hawkes, 200m Dash, 28.53w
29.Christain Snowden, 200m Dash, 23.98w
45.McKay Anderson, 200m Dash, 24.40w
9.Brittany Palmer, 300m Hurdles, 48.60
19.Jacob Anderson, 300m Hurdles, 45.55
16.Branden Fullmer, 300m Hurdles, 46.94
35.Dallan Fraughton, 300m Hurdles, 48.15
11.Kendra Heath, 3200m Run, 12:31.03
18.Parker Barnes, 3200m Run, 10:40.22
19.Tony Jeffs, 3200m Run, 10:41.25
25.Emma Hawkes, 400m Dash, 1:06.67
11.Zach Allred, 400m Dash, 52.83
19.Justin Harmon, 400m Dash, 54.47
33.McKay Anderson, 400m Dash, 55.76
9.Katie Bradshaw, 800m Run, 2:30.92
13.Bonnie Schellenberg, 800m Run, 2:32.44
25.Katy Phillippi, 800m Run, 2:39.33
29.Malorie Finch, 800m Run, 2:41.17
30.Emma Russell, 800m Run, 2:41.70
22.Patrick Larkin, 800m Run, 2:11.25
32.Jason Manning, 800m Run, 2:14.09
30.Sara Webster, Discus, 70-6.5
15.Kevin Riley, Discus, 109-11
19.Jacob Anderson, Discus, 108-03
10.Brennan Bender, High Jump, 5-10
21.Brittany Palmer, Javelin, 76-05
22.Sarah Webster, Javelin, 75-03
26.Nathan Springer, Javelin, 114-8
11.TJ Larsen, Long Jump, 19-5.5
27.Sarah Webster, Shot Put, 26-11.5
24.Kevin Riley, Shot Put, 37-1

Our next meet will be a tri-meet on Tuesday at Lehi. Athletes must ride over on the bus at 1:30. Athletes may go home with their parents after the parent tells a coach that they are taking their child.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Herriman at AFHS March 18th

The Mustangs of Herriman came to AFHS today for the first Region Dual of the season.
Complete Results Link

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Governor's State of Sport Awards

The Boys Cross-Country Team has been nominated as the Best Team in Utah for the Governor's 2015 State of Sport Awards. Please bookmark the link and vote daily for the Cavemen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Red and White Meet

We had a fun start to the track season today at our Red and White Meet.
Full Results