Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Day of Region

The highlight of the first day was Taylir Garrison winning the High Jump at 5'4".
Other State Qualifiers:
Alexis Laws (2nd in 11:52.86) and Jamie Lee (4th in 12:01.76) in the 3200m Run.
Brendan Flanary (2nd   with 21'2.75") in the Long Jump
Melissa Roberts (4th with 81'7.5") in the Discus
Abby Morrison (45.95 prelims) in the 300m Hurdles

Other Point Scorers:
Krysta Moss (5th with 92'3") in the Javelin
Jasmyn Hildebrandt (5th in 12:30.39) in the3200m Run.
Mack Morrison (5th in 4:36.25), Nafe Richardson (6th in 4:37.06) and Jeff Nelson (7th in 4:41.01) in the 1600m Run.

Region Finals Qualifiers:
100m Hurdles - Jessica Shumway
110m Hurdles - Mark Huff
100m Dash - Cole Odle
400m Dash - Morgan Warner
400m Dash - Kaijsa Angerhofer
400m Dash - Makayla Bernardo
400m Dash - Daniel Keller
400m Dash - Cole Odle
300m Hurdles - Abby Morrison
300m Hurdles - Courtney Hull
300m Hurdles - Mark Huff
200m Dash - Morgan Warner
200m Dash - Cole Odle

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