Saturday, May 1, 2010

BYU Invite day 2

At the 100th BYU Invitational, the boys team placed 2nd with 45 points. The girls placed 8th with 27 points.

Austin West set his second school record by winning the 1600m Run in 4:19.41.
Robbie Lee placed 7th and qualified for state in a PR 4:24.86 (8th all-time at AFHS)

Clayton Young placed 3rd and qualified for state in the 800m Run .in 1:57.46 (4th all-time), while Daniel Keller also qualified for state with his 4th place finish in 1:58.85 (7th all-time)
Nafe Richardson place 5th in 1:58.85.(9th all-time)
Danielle West placed 3rd in the 1600m Run in a state qualifying PR 5:10.53 (2nd all-time) and also placed 4th in the 800m Run in 2:21.43.
Morgan Warner placed 3rd in the 400m Dash in 58.43.(4th all-time)
The girls 4X400m Relay placed 3rd in 4:04.91

Other Caveman performances:
Girls Medley Relay - 19th in 4:43.33
1600m Run - Jamie Lee, 29th in PR 5:33.94
1600m Run - Mack Morrison, 26th in PR 4:34.76
Jeff Nelson - 40th in 4:39.01
Kevin Judd - 66th in 4:45.87
High Jump - Josh Nay, 21st in 5'10 and Daniel Keller, 26th in 5'8"
Austin and Robby in the 1600m Run
Danielle in the 1600m Run
Danielle in the 800m Run
Clayton, Danny, and Nafe in the 800m Run
Morgan in the 400m Run
The Girls 4X400m Relay

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