Monday, January 18, 2010

BYU Invite Results

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The Cavemen went to BYU last Friday and Saturday.
Four of our athletes made the awards podium:

Taylir Garrison placed 2nd in the high jump - 5'5"

Robby Lee placed 2nd in the 1-mile run - 4:35.11

Danielle West placed 3rd in the 1-mile run - 5:29.28

Mack Morrison placed 5th in the 2-mile run - 10:17.30

Other Cavemen performances:
Girls 1 mile run:
9-Morgan Warner, 5:37.24
19-Kaijsa Angerhofer, 5:49.41
40-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 6:09.78
43-Erminia Martinez, 6:10.52
46-Alex Hildebrandt, 6:12.51
58-Kylie Buckwalter, 6:19.16
77-Lakyn Lux, 6:36.16
91-Ashlyn Hatch, 6:59.50
93-Sara Simmoons, 7:01.33
105-Shannon Rowley, 7:30.17

Boys 1-mile run
8-Clayton Young, 4:40.28
26-Jeff Nelson, 4:48.87
33-Mack Morrison, $:51.71
48-Brian Vawdrey, 5:02.78
93-Dallas Griswold, 5:28.53

Boys 800m run
12-Ashenafe Richardson, 2:07.67
52-Robert McMillan, 2:21.32

Boys 2 mile
17-Dallas Griswold, 11:35.16

Boys 400m dash
12-Cole Odle, 53.89

Boys 200m dash
18-Cole Odle, 24.49

Boys high jump
8-Landon Cooley, 5'7"

Boys long jump
32-Mack Morrison, 16'6.75"

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