Saturday, April 1, 2017

UVU Invitational Results

The Cavemen started off Spring Break with a great showing at the UVU Invitational in Orem.
Full Results Qualifying for the State Championships:
1st-Sara Musselman,  1600m Run 5:03.34
1st-Casey Clinger, 1600m Run, 4:08.71
2nd-McKay Johns, 1600m Run, 4:11.49
4th-Justin Harmon, 110m Hurdles, 15.19 (+1.1w)
7th-Nathan Mumford, 100m Dash, 11.20 (+1.1w)
3rd-4X100m Relay(Harmon,Mumford,Fraughton,Ruchti), 43.42 (9th All-Time at AFHS)
3rd-Patrick Parker, 800m Run, 1:50.84 (New School Record)
3rd-Justin Harmon, Pole Vault, 13-00

Scoring team points for the Cavemen:
3rd-Sammy Hollingsworth, 1600m Run, 5:14.44
2nd-Emma Aldred, 100m Hurdles, 16.21
5th-Emma Aldred, 300m Hurdles, 47.41 (7th All-Time at AFHS)
8th-Nathan Mumford, 200m Dash, 22.61w
2nd-Dalton Brems, 3200m Run, 9:58.38
3rd-Aaron Steed, 3200m Run, 10:00.26
8th-4X400m Relay(Aldred,Gurney,Rawlings,Orton  ), 4:23.01

Also competing for the Cavemen:
14th-Katie Bradshaw, 1600m Run, 5:30.00
19th-Madison Hess, 1600m Run, 5:33.65
31st-Mackenzie Hess, 1600m Run, 5:38.73
32nd-Dani Christlieb, 1600m Run, 5:39.42
44th-Allie Green, 1600m Run, 5:48.58
48th-Rebecca Teeples, 1600m Run, 5:50.06
60th-Lacie Evans, 1600m Run, 5:54.09
61st-Madison Marrott, 1600m Run, 5:54.52
62nd-Samantha Stokes, 1600m Run, 5:55.71
67th-Brooke Stratton, 1600m Run, 5:59.01
11th-Addison Laird, 100m Dash, 13.06 (9th All-Time at AFHS)
25th-Nicole Curzon, 100m Dash, 13.41
46th-Caden Kleinman, 100m Dash, 11.76
51st-Jaydon Ruchti, 100m Dash, 11.79
79th-Levi Fraughton, 100m Dash, 12.04
9th-Cole Phillippi, 2000m Steeplechase, 6:58.07
13th-Alex Garces, 2000m Steeplechase, 7:01.17
52nd-Peyton Gurney, 400m Dash, 1:08.59
13th-Jaydon Ruchti, 400m Dash, 51.48
20th-Caden Kleinman, 400m Dash, 52.80
10th-Addison Laird, 300m Hurdles, 49.49
21st-Jarom Smith, High Jump, 5-6
10th-Justin Harmon, Long Jump, 19-10.5
 38th-Jarom Smith, Long Jump, 18-1.25
19th-Carson Clinger, 800m Run, 2:03.97
32nd-Nicole Curzon, 200m Dash, 27.86
60th-Becca Wright, 200m Dash, 29.16w
88th-Addison Laird, 200m Dash, 31.14
27th-Caden Kleinman, 200m Dash, 23.77w
37th-Jaydon Ruchti, 200m Dash, 23.98w
63rd-Levi Fraughton, 200m Dash, 24.73w
14th-Andrew Baird, 3200m Run, 10:30.34
18th-Nathan Wright, 3200m Run, 10:41.12
19th-Luke Grundvig, 3200m Run, 10:43.29

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