Monday, April 3, 2017

Arcadia Invitational

6 American Fork athletes are traveling to California this week to compete in the Arcadia Invitational.

Justin Harmon will be competing in the Decathlon on Thursday and Friday.
Carson Clinger, Casey Clinger, McKay Johns, and Patrick Parker will be competing in the 4X1600m Relay on Friday Night. Sammy Hollingsworth will race the Mile on Saturday morning, while Patrick will be in the Mile on Saturday night. Casey and McKay will be racing the 3200m Run on Saturday night, also.

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  1. We just arrived Friday evening at the Arcadia stadium to see my niece run in the 3200. Just as we sat down, we were entertained by the most amazing 4 x 1600 men's relay race ever. No one in the bleachers could believe what they had witnesses. The American Fork's team clearly out shown the rest of the teams. I felt as if I had witnessed history in the making. This race should go down in history as the most remarkable. Glad I came.