Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Simplot Games

We had a great time this weekend at The Simplot Games held at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.
We had 7 athletes make it to Saturday's Finals.

Connor McMillan was the top placer in the meet garnering a 6th place podium finish in the 3200m Run. He ran 9:24.28, while Zac Jacklin placed 9th in 9:47.66.

Makayla Stepp placed 8th in the 1600m Run in 5:08.88, 2nd all-time at AFHS, while Maddie Bench placed 21st in 5:19.58, and Diane Leach placed 32nd in 5:29.24.

Nikki Smith placed 14th in the 800m Run in 2:24.92, (2:24.37 in prelims,9th all-time at AFHS.)

Nathan Tracy placed 22nd in the 1600m Run with a time of 4:32.89.

Other American Fork athletes competing at the Games:
McKay Johns - 15th, Boys 3200m Run, 9:53.42.
Daniel Bentley - 19th, Boys 3200m Run, 10:02.32.
Casey Clinger - 23rd, Boys 3200m Run, 10:05.58
Jacob Chase - 28th, Boys 800m Run, 2:05.25.
Tyler Bell - 38th, Boys 1600m Run, 4:39.99
Joseph Simmons - 54th, Boys 1600m Run, 4:44.26.
Jace Jensen - 60th, Boys 1600m Run, 4:45.81.
Connor Hoopes - 64th, Boys 1600m Run, 4:46.41.
Katie Cornell - 37th, Girls 1600m Run, 5:32.59
Samantha Hollingsworth - 40th, Girls 1600m Run, 5:33.11.
Katie Bradshaw - 56th, Girls 1600m Run, 5:39.86.
Bonnie Schellenberg - Girls 1600m Run, 5:46.22.
Anna Gunther - Girls 1600m Run, 5:48.09.
Amber Bardin - 44th, Girls 800m Run, 2:36.59.
Payton Pryor - 56th, Girls 800m Run, 2:39.97.
Sophie Stewart, 69th, Girls 800m Run, 2:42.34.
Mr. Bench - 12th, Coaches 1600m Run, 5:05.73

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