Saturday, May 7, 2016

BYU Invitational Results

The Cavemen participated in the BYU Invitational this weekend. There were about 110 teams at the meet. The boys team finished in second place with 74 points. The girls finished tied for 14th with 19 points.

Qualifying for the State Championships:
6.Joe Simmons, 3200m Run, 9:18.77 (9th All-Time at AFHS)
19.Nathan Mumford, 100m Dash, 11.26
21.Jordan Daw, 100m Dash, 11.29

Scoring points for the Cavemen:
1.Sara Musselman, 3200m Run, 10:40.94 (New AFHS Record)
1.Casey Clinger, 3200m Run, 9:02.58 (New AFHS Record)
2.Patrick Parker, 3200m Run, 9:04.51 (2nd All-Time at AFHS)
4.McKay Johns, 3200m Run, 9:10.43
7.Brittany Palmer, 300m Hurdles, 45.38 (3rd All-Time at AFHS)
4.Sara Musselman, 1600m Run, 5:01.28
8.Sophie Baird, 1600m Run, 5:07.38 (4th All-Time at AFHS)
1.Casey Clinger, 1600m Run, 4:10.12
2.Patrick Parker, 1600m Run, 4:11.03
4.McKay Johns, 1600m Run, 4:13.17
4.Boys 4X100m Relay (Daw,Snowden,Harmon,Mumford) 42.44 (New AFHS Record)
1.Patrick Parker, 800m Run, 1:55.06
6.McKay Johns, 800m Run, 1:56.29
8.Girls Medley Relay, (Aldred,Hawkes,Palmer,Cornell), 4:23.47
2.Boys Medley Relay, (Daw,Mumford,Ruchti,Clinger), 3:33.16 (4th All-Time at AFHS)

Also competing for the Cavemen:
21.Sophie Baird, 3200m Run, 11:35.39
28.Emma Aldred, 100m Hurdles, 16.67
44.Brittany Palmer, 100m Hurdles, 17.44
37.Christian Snowden, 100m Dash, 11.41
12.Justin Harmon, 110m Hurdles, 15.71
106.Nicole Curzon, 100m Dash, 14.04
26.Jaydon Ruchti, 400m Dash, 51.94
31.Emma Aldred, 300m Hurdles, 48.52
11.Justin Harmon, 300m Hurdles, 40.86 (4th All-Time at AFHS)
64.Emma Hawkes, 200m Dash, 27.93
12.Jordan Daw, 200m Dash, 22.46 (10th All-Time at AFHS)
34.Christian Snowden, 200m Dash, 23.12
23.Lexi Wright, 1600m Run, 5:13.00
36.Sammy Hollingsworth, 1600m Run, 5:20.82
44.Bonnie Schellenberg, 1600m Run, 5:22.95
47.Katie Cornell, 1600m Run, 5:25.14
51.Cami Squires, 1600m Run, 5:27.36
65.Katie Bradshaw, 1600m Run, 5:31.73
105.Dani Christlieb, 1600m Run, 5:44.56
115.Lacey Evans, 1600m Run, 5:50.60
19.Joe Simmons, 1600m Run, 4:22.55
67.Carson, Clinger, 1600m Run, 4:36.51
71.Dalton Brems, 1600m Run, 4:37.07
23.Sophie Baird, 800m Run, 2:24.12
38.Katie Bradshaw, 800m Run, 2:28.22
40.Bonnie Schellenberg, 800m Run, 2:28.33
106.Brooke Stratton, 800m Run, 2:35.84
39.Joe Simmons, 800m Run, 2:01.91
70,Parker Barnes, 800m Run, 2:05.15
72.Dalton Brems, 800m Run, 2:05.25
119. Talon Garrick, 800m Run, 2:09.47
17.Girls 4X400m Relay (Aldred,Lytle,Squires,Hawkes), 4:12.29
43.Tamia Roebuck, Discus, 86-4.25
23.Tamia Roebuck, Shot Put, 33-10.75

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