Sunday, June 16, 2013

National Postal Meet

The American Fork Boys finished the season ranked 4th in the nation in the 2013 National Postal Meet sponsored by XCNATION.COM
The National Postal Meet takes the top 5 3200m times from the track season and averages them.
The Cavemen times were good enough to also place 17th on the all-time list. High altitude times are converted using the NCAA altitude conversions.

17. 2012-13 American Fork HS, American Fork, UT 9:16.33* team average (season rankings)
9:09.50(8:56.47*) McLelland, Braydon;
9:21.62(9:08.30*) McMillan, Connor;
9:29.70(9:16.19*) Green, Tyson;
9:34.93(9:21.30*) Jacklin, Zac;
9:53.50(9:39.43*) Thompson, Caleb

Lists are at XCNATION

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