Sunday, May 3, 2015

BYU Invitational Day 2

The Cavemen continued performing at a high level on the second day of the BYU Invitational. The boys team finished in 4th place with 43 points, while the girls placed 17th with 14 points.

McKay Johns set a 5A record in the 1600m Run with a time of 4:12.97 in a 2nd place finish. Casey Clinger was right behind him in 5th place with a time of 4:13.58, good for 2nd All-Time at AFHS.

Also scoring points for the Cavemen:
4th-Sara Musselman, 1600m Run, 5:05.24 (2nd All-Time at AFHS)
6th-Nikki Smith, 800m Run, 2:16.69 (3rd All-Time at AFHS)
4th-McKay Johns, 800m Run, 1:56.09 (5th All-Time at AFHS)
5th-Casey Clinger, 800m Run, 1:56.35 (7th All-Time at AFHS)
5th-Boys 4X100m Relay (Daw,Snowden,Miller,Riggs), 43.61
5th-Boys Medley Relay (Daw,Miller,Allred,Jacklin), 3:35.26 (5th All-Time at AFHS)

Also competing for the Cavemen:
11th-Katie Cornell, 1600m Run, 5:10.96 (5th All-Time at AFHS)
17-Cami Squires, 1600m Run, 5:14.21
24th-Lexi Wright, 1600m Run, 5:16.96
36th-Sophie Baird, 1600m Run, 5:19.74SB
43rd-Sammy Hollingsworth, 1600m Run, 5:23.34
49th-Katie Bradshaw, 1600m Run, 5:26.75
58th-Lexie Green, 1600m Run, 5:30.84
86th-Bonnie Schellenberg, 1600m Run, 5:39.80
88th-Katy Phillippi, 1600m Run, 5:40.85
91st-Kendra Heath, 1600m Run, 5:42.03PR
92nd-Anna Gunther, 1600m Run, 5:42.06
101st-Emma Russell, 1600m Run, 5:49.26
9th-Zac Jacklin, 1600m Run, 4:19.88 (7th All-Time at AFHS)
49th-Joe Simmins, 1600m Run, 4:33.45PR
65th-Jason Manning, 1600m Run, 4:39.30PR
40th-Sophie Baird, 800m Run, 2:26.10
88th-Katie Bradshaw, 800m Run, 2:33.27
114th-Bonnie Schellenberg, 800m Run, 2:35.71
34th-Joe Simmons, 800m Run, 2:00.68PR
13th-Brennan Bender, High Jump, 6-0.75PR

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