Saturday, May 4, 2013

BYU Invite Final Day

The boys finished 7th and the girls 38th at the 103rd BYU Invitational.

Scoring points for the Cavemen today:
 3rd-Brayden McLelland, 1600m Run, 4:16.74 (3rd All-Time at AFHS)
1st-Jonah,Blake,Zach,Brayden, Medley Relay, 3:31.91 (2nd All-Time at AFHS)
1st-Jonah Trinnaman, 100m Dash, 10.89

Qualifying for the State Championships:
11th-Caleb Elzey, Pole Vault, 12-6 (6th All-Time at AFHS)
Also participating for the Cavemen:
 29th-Sophie Baird, 1600m Run, 5:18.86
46th-Maddie Bench, 1600m Run, 5:22.81
48th-Makayla Stepp, 1600m Run, 5:23.16 PR
58th-Lexie Green, 1600m Run, 5:29.14 PR
68th-Diane Leach, 1600m Run, 5:32.13
114th-Payton Pryor, 1600m Run, 5:47.74
17th-Connor McMillan, 1600m Run, 4:26.07 PR
64th-Daniel Bentley, 1600m Run, 4:37.13 PR
97th-Nathan Tracy, 1600m Run, 4:41.25
119th-Caleb Thompson, 1600m Run, 4:46.55
 76th-Amber Bardin, 800m Run, 2:30.58
21st-Tyson Green, 800m Run, 2:00.20
9th-Erik,Zach,Blake,Tyson, 4X400m Relay, 3:30.72 SB
63rd-Mallory Saluone, Shot Put, 25-4

Complete Results

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