Friday, May 11, 2012

Region IV Championships

The Cavemen placed 2nd on the boys side with 126 points and 5th on the girls side with 43 points at the Region IV Track and Field Championships held this week at Lone Peak High School.

Qualifying for the State Championships for the Cavemen were:
1st - Clayton Young, 4:28.39 in the 1600m Run (SB)
1st - Clayton Young, 10:02.09 in the 3200m Run (SB)
2nd _Taylir Garrison, 5'1 in the High Jump
2nd - Tyson Green, 4:29.09 in the 1600m Run (PR)
2nd - Jonah Trinnaman,  11.65 in the 100m Dash (11.08 PR in the prelims)
2nd - Cole Odle, 49.93 in the 400m Dash (SB)
2nd - Dredan Snowden, 22.84 in the 200m Dash
2nd - Mack Morrison, 2:01.41 in the 800m Run
3rd - Dredan Snowden, 11.72 in the 100m Dash
3rd - Tanner Lee, 16.97 in the 110m Hurdles (16.14 PR in Prelims)
3rd - Tanner Lee, 42.74 in the 300m Hurdles
3rd - Brayden McLelland, 4:29.43 in the 1600m Run (PR)
3rd - Girls Medley Relay of Garcia, Boughton, Bernardo, Orton in 4:25.68 (SB)
4th - Amber Bardin, 2:27.34 in the 800m Run
4th - Boys 4X100m Relay of Snowden,Harmon, Trinnaman, Johnson in 44.58
Boys Medley Relay of Snowden, Trinnaman, Lund, Morrison in 3:43.47
5th - Cole Odle, 23.30 in the 200m Dash (22.45 PR in the prelims)
7th - Blake Harmon, 12.02 in the 100m Dash (11.22 PR in the prelims)

Scoring points for the Cavemen were:
5th - Makayla Bernardo, 1:00.43 in the 400m Run (1:00.10 PR in the prelims)
5th - Emily Orton, 2:31.31 in the 800m Run
5th - Tyson Green, 2:03.41 in the 800m Run
5th - Zac Jacklin, 10:08.47 in the 3200m Run
5th- Girls 4X100m Relay of Boughton,Bernardo,Garcia,Roberts in 52.75
5th - Girls 4X400m Relay of Bardin,Bench,Bernardo,Orton in 4:17.84(SB)
5th - Boys 4X400m Relay of Lund,Green,Gunther,Morrison in 3:36.99
5th - Zordan Enosa, 43'3 in the Shot Put
6th - Caleb Thompson, 10:09.10 in the 3200m Run
6th - Emily Orton, 5:24.46 in the 1600m Run
6th - Mack Morrison, 4:35.80 in the 1600m Run
6th - LesMarie Purcell, 78'10 in the Discus
7th - Malorie Saluone, 78'6 in the Discus
7th - David Bean, 44.48 in the 300m Hurdles (PR)
8th - Erik Lund, 44.68 in the 300m Hurdles (44.54 PR in Prelims)
8th - Benson Gunther, 4:38.43 in the 1600m Run (PR)
8th - Maddie Bench, 12:08.05 in the 3200m Run

Also Competing for the Cavemen were:
9th - Makayla Stepp, 12:22.71 in the 3200m Run (PR)
9th - Dallas Griswold, 10:34.52 in the 3200m Run
9th - Malorie Saluone, 27'7 in the Shot Put
9th - Zordan Enosa, 114'1.5 in the Discus (PR)
10th - Molly Boughton, 27.16 in the 200m Dash (PR)
10th - Cal Wardell, 55.59 in the 400m Dash
10th - Benson Gunther, 2:05.65 in the 800m Run
11th - Brayden McLelland, 2:05.95 in the 800m Run
11th - Diane Leach, 12:26.10 in the 3200m Run
11th - Tanner Lee, 9'8 in the Pole Vault (PR)
11th - Riley Smith, 38'11 in the Shot Put
11th - LesMarie Purcell, 26'4 in the Shot Put
12th - Kelsie Roberts, 53.30 in the 300m Hurdles
12th - Amber Bardin, 5:33.14 in the 1600m Run (PR)
12th - David Bean, 18.96 in the 110m Hurdles(PR)
13th - Diane Leach, 5:36.67 in the 1600m Run
13th - Riley Smith, 118'2 in the Javelin
15th - Makayla Stepp, 5:43.97 in the 1600m Run (PR)
15th - Kelsie Roberts, 19.93 in the 100m Hurdles
15th - Isaac Latu, 92'0.25 in the Discus
16th - Kyndal Hull, 20.20 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
16th - Spencer Dayley, 48.49 in the 300m Hurdles
16th - Lexie Green, 12:58.40 in the 3200m Run
17th - Zach Peay, 32'2 in the Shot Put
17th - Zach Peay, 106'4 in the Javelin
17th - LesMarie Purcel, 72'6 in the Javelin
18th - Collin Smith, 32'0 in the Shot Put (PR)
19th - Ross Lee, 58.26 in the 400m Dash (PR)
19th - Connor McMillan, 4:49.61 in the 1600m Run
20th - Courtney Olsen, 21.75 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
20th - Jace Jensen, 11:13.16 in the 3200m Run (PR)
22nd - Kyndal Hull, 1:01.90 in the 300m Hurdles
22nd - Cassie Escher, 21.77 in the 100m Hurdles (PR)
22nd - Collin Smith, 74'1 in the Discus
22nd - Ariel Jolley, 58'8 in the Javelin
23rd - Malorie Saluone, 57'9 in the Javelin
23rd - Lexie Green, 2:46.69 in the 800m Run (PR)
25th - Hayden Johnson, 12.62 in the 100m Dash
27th - Heather Bergeson, 3:10.37 in the 300m Hurdles

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