Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday (Mar.19th), the Cavemen traveled to Timpanogos High School for the UHSTCA Track and Field Invitational. The girls' squad placed 7th overall with 26 points, while the boys' squad placed 4th overall with 45 points. There were over 1200 athletes and 40 teams at the meet. Click on the post title to see complete results at:

Caveman Results:
3200m Run: 
4-Alexis Laws, 11:44.46 (8th all-time at AFHS)          
9-Morgan Warner, 11:59.64                                       
11th-Jasmyn Hildebrandt, 12:35.11                             
13-Jamie Lee, 12:39.87                                              
1600m Run:                                                              
2-Danielle West, 5:17.26                                            
27-Erminia Martinez, 5:55.07                                      
40-Alex Hildebrandt, 6:04.07                                     
800m Run:                                                                
4-Danielle West, 2:22.99                                            
12-Erminia Martinez, 2:32.85                                      
100m Dash:                                                               
53-Keilara McCormick, 13.93                                   
79-Kiersten Shelley, 14.39                                         
91-Abby Morrison, 14.71                                          
400m Dash:                                                               
14-Makayla Bernardo, 1:03.65                                  
100m Hurdles:                                                          
45-Jessica Shumway, 19.28                                       
47-Abby Morrison, 19.41                                          
High Jump:                                                               
2-Taylir Garrison, 5'4"                                                
32-Krysta Moss, 78'1"                                              
20-Va Iongi, 71'05"                                                    
3200m Run:

1-Austin West, 9:29.32(2nd All-Time AFHS)
2-Clayton Young, 9:29.34 (3rd all-time at AFHS)                                                                                  
1600m Run:

3-Robby Lee, 4:31.51
11-Jeff Nelson, 4:39.45
28-Kevin Judd, 4:46.91
800m Run:
3-Robby Lee, 2:00.42
5-Nafe Richardson, 2:01.19
6-Daniel Keller, 2:01.29
100m Dash:
41-Trinity Devereaux, 11.97
400m Dash:
27-Mark Huff,53.93
110m Hurdles:
22-Mark Huff, 17.74
300m Hurdles:
3-Mike Squires, 46.48
200m Dash:
14-Trinity Devereaux, 23.74
78-Brendan Flanary, 25.68
4X400 Relay:
2-Mark, Nafe, Robby, Daniel, 3:30.16(7th all-time at AFHS)
High Jump:
17-Daniel Keller, 5'6"
30-Justin Holland, 122'9"
 Long Jump:
 13-Brendan Flanary, 18'10.25"

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